Yoast, Google Developers Offer XML Sitemaps for WordPress Core

The inclusion of XML Sitemaps as a feature of WordPress Core has been proposed by a group of team members Yoast and Google, as well as other contributors. In addition to a basic XML sitemap, the proposal also introduces an XML Sitemaps API that extends functionality to developers and webmasters.

Proposed structure for XML sitemaps. Image from Make WordPress Core.

What will be included. The proposal states that XML Sitemaps will be enabled by default, allowing indexing of the following content types:

Home Page.Publications.Types of Publication (Pages and Publications). Custom publishing types.Taxonomies of management (Tags and categories). Custom Taxonomies.Users (Authors).

Do not forget that the automatically generated robots.txt file on your WordPress site will also reference your site map index.

What he does not understand. Although the proposed functionality includes most types of WordPress content and meets the minimum requirements of search engines, the initial integration does not cover sitemaps for images, videos or news, caching mechanisms of sitemaps XML or user-related changes, such as UI controls that exclude individual publications or site plan pages.

The XML Sitemaps API. Here's how the API allows you to manipulate your XML sitemaps:

Provide a custom XML stylesheet. Add additional sitemaps and sitemap entries. Add additional attributes to sitemap entries. Exclude a publication, publication type, taxonomy, or a specific term. Exclude a specific author from the sitemap. Exclude specific authors with a specific role in the sitemap.

Why we should care Sitemaps make it easy to index by providing web crawlers with your site's URLs. If implemented, this could mean a third-party plugin on which brands and webmasters must rely for their SEO efforts. As a feature of WordPress Core, we can expect more compatibility and support than those offered by third-party solutions.

Poorly optimized plugins can also slow down your site, which can have a negative impact on your organic traffic. This default WordPress option may not replace plug-ins such as Yoast SEO, as they often include other features than XML sitemaps, but its availability is likely to provide us with more plug-in flexibility. -ins we install.

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