What is a Sales Funnel and How to Create an Effective One

This article explores the methodology and technology of sales funnels – the quickest and easiest way to promote, sell and deliver your products or services online. You will find this article useful if you have an idea for an online business and are looking for a solution to put it into action quickly.

What's a sales funnel?

The idea of ​​a sales funnel dates back to 1898, when E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a funnel of purchase, a marketing model illustrating the theoretical journey of the customer since the time of 39, attract customers towards the purchase of a product. or service.

Since then, different names have been assigned to it (funnel of purchase, sales funnel, marketing funnel, funnel of conversion), but the model remains the same, which means that:

Universal : It can be applied to virtually any business from any area
timeless : times change but the idea remains relevant

In e-commerce, for example, we use the term funnel conversion to describe the customer's journey from the awareness stage (usually by generating traffic to a website through paid advertising in search engines). research and social media), up to the conversion stage. the visitor becomes a customer.

You could also call it a commercial funnel, because it allows you to start selling and sell just about anything from the physical product to the CD to an online course.

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Why do you need a sales funnel?

As a business owner or marketer, you know how complex the sales process can be. A journey from prospect to satisfied customer can be long and difficult. And paradoxically, the ever-increasing number of marketing tools does not help you sell immediately.

That's exactly why you need a sales funnel. It offers you a simple roadmap to generate income. It helps you focus on the most important stages of online sales: lead generation, lead maintenance and sales. With a sales funnel, you can start making money quickly and optimize your business processes as you go.

How does a sales funnel work?

The goal of a sales funnel is pretty self-explanatory: it generates sales. Whatever you do, the sales funnel is here to help you increase your sales. The sales funnel model represents the customer's journey in the form of a series of steps.

What are the steps of a sales funnel?

The initial purchase funnel has 4 key steps:

Awareness – when potential customers become aware of your product or service.

Interest – when they are actively expressing an interest in what you have to offer.

Desire – when they know that your product or service perfectly matches their needs.

Action – the moment of purchase.

As your business grows and focuses on recurring purchases, you can expand your funnel by adding additional steps.

The more complex version of the funnel might look like this:

Awareness – when potential customers become aware of your product or service.

Interest – when they are actively expressing an interest in what you have to offer.

Assessment – When prospects examine the solutions offered by their competitors and compare their offers with yours.

Decision – when your offer is selected and it is time to negotiate before the final decision is made.

Purchase – The moment of purchase, when a potential customer becomes a customer.

Reassessment – The customer has been using your product for some time. From time to time, they can look for other solutions that meet their needs. (Fortunately, if they are satisfied with your product or service, they will not feel the need to look for a different solution).

Redemption – When a customer redeems your product or service.

You must use the different funnel steps as a template for your marketing and sales communication. Monitor the results and optimize your actions to generate more sales in less time.

Here's a short video of Ian Cleary from RazorSocial that will help you understand the different steps of a sales funnel and their impact on your business.

Sales Funnel Model + Technology = Autofunnel

What happens when you apply powerful technology to a solid marketing model? Yes, you're right! You end up with an ultimate sales machine – Autofunnel.

Send traffic directly to your sales page with the fast sales funnel, or do you have new contacts with automated emails before presenting your offer with the complete sales funnel.

What are the key elements of a sales funnel?

Generally, when you think of a sales funnel, you're thinking of combining different tools for different purposes: an ecommerce platform, a landing page creator, an email marketing software, a webinar solution , social media applications, etc., to set up a sales process.

In this case, your job is not only to plan an online business strategy, but also to thoroughly research the available tools and integrate them so that they bring you positive results.

Fortunately, it's so much easier with Autofunnel. You actually have the choice between 2 sales funnels.

Quick Sales Funnel

A very simple funnel composed of only two elements:

With a sales page, you can personalize the order form and encourage potential customers to buy your products. The order form is a place where your potential customers can see all the products they buy and how much they will pay.

Auto Tunnel Sales Page Templates Grouped by Product Type

The confirmation page tells your customers the order summary, a download link or contact information. Your customers also receive an automated confirmation email, in which you can thank and confirm the order.

Create your fast sales funnel

Complete Funnel of Sales

The sales funnel is focused on the process of collecting leads and on finalizing the sales process. Use it to find potential buyers, promote and sell products online and increase your sales.

The complete sales funnel includes the following:

an inscription page with a pop-up exit form

This is a landing page where you can collect leads by encouraging them to join your list. You can tell them what they will get in exchange for their registration. You can also offer a freebie to get even more listings. This page features an online form and a pop-up exit form (pops up when someone tries to leave the page).

Message sent automatically to your subscribers as an instant reply.

This is a page where you can turn tracks into clients. You can design a page to promote the products and encourage potential customers to buy them. When they choose a product on the sales page, they access the order page where they can make the purchase.

The purchase order is where your prospects can see all the products they buy and how much they will pay.

This is an email sent to your customers when they do not finalize their purchase. This e-mail reminds them of the products left in the basket, including their name, price and URL.

This is the page where your customers can see a summary of their order, a download link and other contact details.

After making a purchase, your customers will receive a confirmation email. There will be a clickable button here. When your customers click on it, they will see the summary of their order.

Elements of the sales funnel GetResponse

Create your complete sales funnel

How to create a sales funnel?

Building a sales funnel is easy. You can use the Autofunnel creator, choose your favorite patterns from existing templates and customize them in a few clicks.

Here's a video tutorial on creating a quick-sale funnel

And if you want to see how to create a complete sales funnel, here is a video presentation:

Here's another video from Ian Cleary of RazorSocial, where he shows how to bridge the gap between marketing and technology with a sales funnel. As part of this demonstration, he builds a full sales funnel for a photography class.

Create your first sales funnel

How to manage a sales funnel?

You can manage (edit, add, or delete) all items in your sales funnel in the funnel view.

A complete sales funnel example

How to measure the results of the sales funnel?

Autofunnel allows you to monitor your business in real time. The results of your sales funnel are displayed dynamically in the funnel view. To verify the return on investment, simply log in to your account.

Create your own sales funnel

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