What do you see? Help us analyze the update of Google's March 2019 main algorithm

The Google update of March 12, 2019 is still very recent for most of us. It is still too early to say precisely if there are any reasons or areas on which this specific update has been more affected than others.

What do you see? Thank you for responding to our survey to tell us how this update affected your website. Please complete it for each site that you believe was impacted on March 12 and ask your colleagues to do it as well.

Next Steps Once we have collected enough data, we will review them for trends or similarities. We will report with all the details or ideas that we have found from the data.

So stay tuned. So be sure to stay tuned as we will provide a more detailed analysis of the Google 3/12 base update in the coming weeks.

What can I do now? For now, do not move and check out our previous tips in our original Google article.

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