Wanted: Session Ideas for SMX West

We would like your contributions to help us plan our next SMX West Conference, to be held February 19-21, 2019 in San Jose. In particular, we would love to hear from you if you have a great session idea that you think should be on the agenda. And if you want to speak at the show, the best way to improve your chances of being chosen is to get involved at this point by suggesting a great idea that really catches our attention.

This year, we are adding both breadth and depth to the agenda. We will have more songs, and we are looking for speakers who can deepen the topics, speaking 20 to 40 minutes or more. It also means that we will also add topics that we have not been able to address in the past, enriching the overall content experience for our participants. What are we looking for in particular?

We are still planning to focus on the key areas of SMX, namely SEO and SEM. But we are looking for presentations that go beyond the basics, or even the best intermediate or advanced practices that most Internet marketers are familiar with. We recognize that search engine marketers are increasingly responsible for more and more diverse types of work and are no longer confined to the traditional roles of SEO or SEM.

We are looking for innovative approaches that have been proven to save time or money. Or unique or unusual ways to use existing tools to gain a competitive advantage. And we will also ask speakers to provide three concrete objectives that will allow participants to acquire new knowledge or skills that they can immediately use in their own job.

We also plan to devote a significant amount of programming to e-commerce. On what types of tactics do online retailers need to focus on attracting customers? How can advertisers take their shopping campaigns to the next level? When does it make sense to adopt a multi-faceted approach using integrated campaigns on research, advertising and social channels? We welcome your proposals for these and other areas that may be useful to online merchants who want to increase their profits and return on their investment.

We are also looking for sessions that go beyond the core business of SEO and SEM, while remaining essential. from an effort or a full research marketing campaign. Topics:

Analytics Data visualization Key reports and dashboards and the use of these approachesCreative search strategies for keyword researchConversion of the optimization rateOptimization of optimized pagesA user experienceMarketing use and content writingCreative use of images , infographics and other visualsIntegrate search marketing with other types of digital marketing or offline campaigns, both paid and organic toolsFavorites, both paid and freeRemarketing and retargeting in all its forms SEO techniques (specify : eg JavaScript, crawling issues, themes, pagination, redirects, hreflang, etc.) Emerging paths such as podcasting and voice searchHow to build and deploy skills for personal assistantsUnderstand and exploit the role of artificial intelligence in the online marketingManagement, the adership and career development of marketing teams

We seek the best of the best: seasoned professionals, recognized opinion leaders, inspiring communicators. People who will impress participants with their knowledge and motivate them to explore new territories through their own online marketing campaigns.

We are also looking for exclusivity. We want unique content from speakers who do not recycle content they share at conferences or events. If you want to talk to SMX, we want you to share something here, people will not get anywhere else, and we'll ask you to accept that exclusivity. In return, we will provide our world-class conference production services, renowned for their quality, and motivated participants who are eager to learn from you.

Milestones of SMX West: mark your calendar!

Meeting Ideas Accepted: Until Friday, September 27thAdvised Schedule: Week of Oct. 21. Spoken Speeches Accepted After Agenda Display: Until November

If you would like to share your experience and ideas with the community about a research marketing challenge that you face and how you approached it – and we hope you are -, we would like you to send a speech proposal to SMX West. Please read our SMX Conference Intervention Guidelines Use the Session Idea Suggestion Form to describe your idea.

Do not wait! The session idea suggestion form ends on Friday, September 27th.

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