Want better marketing content management? Try one of these tools

Fortunately – and unfortunately – new tools are still appearing in the digital marketing landscape. And having an excellent tool rather than a tool to do his job makes working life easier. But considering all your daily responsibilities, it's hard to follow you.

Let me help you introduce yourself to new players who are worth your time. I like the intuitive nature of Slack and the all-purpose nature of G Suite, but this article aims to introduce you to lesser known apps and tools. If you prefer to be ahead of the curve, continue reading.

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1. Zoho Cliq

Communication is less about words than about how we use them (or do not use them) – our tone, body language, and other nonverbal cues. Since text-based communication solutions will not work, that's why we love Zoho's Cliq.

. ZohoCliq's project management tool works well because text-only communication does not cut it, says @benaston. Click to tweet

Unless you have a killer software budget, you're probably looking to get the most out of your apps at the lowest price. Why is this product particularly interesting for marketers? It offers audio and video conferences; private, group and forum posts; basic functions of the calendar; screen sharing; unlimited storage, integration of many consumer applications; and the ability to grant permissions to external users.

At $ 3 per user per month, Cliq is one of the most affordable options on the market. Even his free version has many benefits (like unlimited storage). Cliq also does not sacrifice the quality or quantity of functions. It also offers marketing-focused services ranging from market analysis to strategy and outreach strategy.

2. Same page

Same as Cliq, Samepage has an argument dedicated to marketers wishing to invest in its service: with Samepage, you can manage campaigns and / or product launches, collaborate on creations with your team, share reports with customers and even broadcast social feeds. media updates. Mark and sort tasks by date, priority level, or campaign name. Create and share presentations. Integrate more than 1000 applications. Use video messaging or text to keep you abreast of the evolution of your team in just a few clicks.

Samepage's initially collaborative project management approach is ideal for savvy marketing teams who know that the best ideas do not develop in isolation. Its simple philosophy and communication structure works by dividing people (and the work associated with them) into teams and sub-teams for an optimal communication structure.

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This hyper-focused focus on collaboration means that Samepage can be what you need if your team needs to recharge and reconnect during a future deadline or a new project. By collaborating on real-time co-written content, team members can save time and inspire through a quick and easy communication flow.

At $ 7 per user per month, Samepage costs less than many alternatives and does not overlook the features. Even the freemium version has a lot to offer, which is fine to try before you buy.

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3. Teamwork

The name of this application passes through. Teamwork has 22,000 clients in 183 countries, as reported by the Irish Examiner. Impressively, customers include Disney, Spotify, Forbes and PayPal. If you are a content buyer like "if it works for them, it works for me", teamwork will only catch your eye on this.

In development for more than 20 years, teamwork offers options for medium and large companies. This can work well for large, diverse and robust marketing teams. Larger teams will find support in Teamwork's sophisticated collaboration tools, including all areas of project management, such as time tracking, milestone tracking, group discussion options, and even a portal. customer. It can lighten the administrative burden of content marketers by creating high-level reports, Gantt charts, and other analytics.

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With a freemium version that can accommodate up to five users, even small businesses can take advantage of the team work offer. Otherwise, team work starts at $ 9 per user per month and offers cost structures at the company level. This means that it is not only feature rich, but easily scalable.

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4. Fleep

Fleep is positioned in a particularly valuable way for marketing experts and content custodians. Unlike most communication-centric tools, Fleep offers native task management capabilities so you can stay focused on what you need to do as much as what you need to say. For the most part, Fleep reduces risk and focuses on what counts for a very active digital marketing team: the conversation.

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You will find a range of information sharing tools, such as discussion forums, document management, file sharing methods, and more. Organize the ideas on the application bulletin board before converting them into a ready-to-use task list. Fleep integrates with software such as JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Slack, GitLab and Github. Since Fleep is an open platform, you can communicate with anyone using it, whether it is part of your organization or not.

Fleep charges $ 6 per user per month.

5. Backlogged

Collaboration tools offer a large number of benefits, ranging from clearer information exchange to Useful storage and research capabilities, effectively reviewing team feedback and bringing higher levels. of responsibility. But what about a tool that goes beyond that by providing bug tracking, version control, task management, and even a section for wikis. That's what Backlog does and he does it well.

With coding-based task navigation support, aligned in an intuitive and easy-to-read UX, Backlog does something that can not be taken for granted: it creates a platform where advertisers and content developers can connect. Knowing that marketing almost always has a digital component (that is, a need for coding), Backlog is a good choice for managing web design, application development, desktop scrolling, landing pages that focus on campaigns, etc. Ideas meet practical execution, streamlining the process to highlight bugs and reduce errors.

. @ Backlogtool is a smart project platform that allows marketers and content developers to connect, says @benaston. Click to tweet

Tools such as Backlog are essential to ensure that disparate but interconnected teams can view the conditions and status of a project significantly for both parties. The backlog is $ 20 a month.

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What's Next

Choose one of these marketing-focused tools to increase connectivity and organization and reduce stress at your workplace. See which one best fits the goals and work of your marketing team. And after using it for a while, evaluate how it helped your processes and your production efficiency.

Finally, if you already use one of these tools – or after trying it – share a few words in the comments. Since we can not see your non-verbal cues, feel free to add one or two emoji.


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