Walmart, under the leadership of two cybernetic leaders, discovers new ways to be agile

Despite being the world's largest retailer – more than 11,000 stores and more than $ 100 million unique visitors per month – Walmart sees itself as a disjointed challenger in the titanium-dominated e-commerce sector like Alibaba and Amazon. In recent years, the company has undergone an ambitious transformation in its digital expansion, calling on cyber-savvy executives Andy Dunn and Barbara Messing to help pave the way. The company's purchase of the $ 310 million Bonobos men's clothing brand, which he had founded a decade earlier and headed as CEO. Now Dunn, Walmart's leader in digital brands, is fueling a whirlwind of activity. Numerous acquisitions, including Eloquii and ModCloth fashion brands, as well as internal launches such as Allswell, the mattress and bedding brand, have boosted Walmart's digital cachet, with online sales growth of 40% this year. Overall, Walmart generated a $ 500.3 billion business figure for the 2018 fiscal year.

"It's absolutely a startup," says Dunn. "It sounds strange to a Fortune 1 company, but we operate at a level of recovery and speed that exactly reminds me of the early days of Bonobos construction. Rather than simply evolving, we are changing what we do every week and every quarter we do something entirely new. "

Making new things is also Messing's skill. She arrived this summer as Chief Marketing Officer after spending seven years on the TripAdvisor travel site. His experience in designing campaigns for a first digital operation and in transforming Tripart's brand proposal from search for bookings to reservations, joins Dunn's pedigree to give Walmart a powerful two-man strike.

we encourage our customers to be loyal as a brand and to think about emotional needs as well as transactional needs, "she says, adding that she plans to" tell stories with influencers, our social networks and new partners. " This will be a top priority because "I want to make sure we focus our marketing efforts on areas where our customers naturally spend their downtime and their extra minutes".

She will seek more specifically to demonstrate the value proposition. Expanded omnichannel brand programs, such as grocery shopping, a free two-day no-load shipping and Easy Returns with the Walmart app, many of which are new and unknown to a wide range of customers. "You will see more about these experiences," she says.

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