Video: Mel Carson on the beginnings of the research industry

Some of us who have been in the research industry for some time often smile at eyes. With that, I'm delighted to inform you that I sat with his vet, Mel Carson, at his Seattle office to discuss the early days of the industry.

Mel Carson began his career in search of employment. back in the days LookSmart. LookSmart was one of the first advertising platforms for search engines that had been created before Google in 1995. Mel was working for the company in its infancy, while it was the 12th most visited website on Internet. He has also worked with Microsoft to help them use his search platform, called adCenter, then Bing Ads and now Microsoft Advertising.

Here is the interview:

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Barry Schwartz is the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, owner of RustyBrick, an online consulting company based in New York. He also directs Search Engine Roundtable, a popular research blog on SEM topics.

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