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1. Amazon officially announces the locations of the QG2

Confirming the rumors that began to swirl last week, Amazon has officially announced yesterday that its second seat, better known as HQ2, will be split between two sites: Crystal City, VA (some consider it to be the same). it is a neighborhood of Washington, DC). ) and Long Island City in the Queens district of New York.

This announcement does not surprise those who claimed for months that Amazon was about to choose the Washington, DC area as headquarters of QG2, as Professor Scott Galloway, of Stern University's Stern, pointed out Crystal City's proximity to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' home in the area, as well as his pre-existing Washington Post property.

Amazon Selects New York and Northern Virginia for New Headquarters https://t.co/VRGeYdpoBy

– Amazon News (@amazonnews) November 13, 2018

United States. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia also commented on the choice of Crystal City.

"As a former governor, now a senator, but also as a former technology leader, I am really excited about the potential offers offered by Amazon not only for Northern Virginia ", said Warner in a statement," but for the entire capital region and the entire Commonwealth. "

With regard to the location of Long Island City, Amazon indicates that its selection is related to the "diverse community of the region, with a unique blend of cultural institutions, arts organizations , new and converted housing, restaurants, bars, breweries, waterfront parks and hotels academic institutions, small and large companies in the technology and industry sector. " Read complete story >>

2. An invocation feature arrives on Messenger

Facebook confirmed, via a description of the iOS app store, that users would soon be able to "delete a message from a thread after it was sent".

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<p> "If you accidentally send a wrong picture, incorrect information or an incorrect message, you can correct it by deleting the message within 10 minutes of sending it" </p>
<p> This teaser of the new feature – which is supposed to be "soon available" – comes after months of speculation and follows Facebook's admission that CEO Mark Zuckerberg had the ability to delete messages after sending them. <strong> Read the full story >> </strong> </p>
<h3> 3. A follower of Twitter counts again (1945) </h3>
<p> After notifying users that their number of subscribers could drop in July, Twitter has again stated that, thanks to a bug, these previously "locked" subscribers had reappeared and had again been removed. </p>
<p> According to Reuters, the bug caused the "summary summation of these accounts [to] accounts followers" for "some accounts". </p>
<p> Twitter lost about 7.8 million followers during the initial July purge, recovered 2.36 million in October, and lost 2.4 million on Friday. <strong> Read the full story >> </strong> </p>
<h3> 4. The artificial intelligence of Google gets to work </h3>
<h4> Distinguished Speakers </h4>
<p> Earlier this week, it was announced that Google would open to source code its artificial intelligence that plays a vital role in distinguishing one human voice from another. </p>
<p> The official term for this distinction, "diarization of speakers," describes the process of distinguishing different voices in audio mode where several people could speak at the same time. This is "an important part of speech recognition systems," says the company, which plays a vital role in "solving the problem of" who speaks when "." </p>
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<p style= Source of the picture: Google

According to VentureBeat, the newly opened AI can distinguish voices in this situation with up to 92% accuracy. Read the full story >>

Intelligent pictures

Still in the world of Google AI, the New York Times uses the company's technology to make its photo archives (dating back to the 1870s) "smarter", that is, to help to recognize and translate the text describe the photos.

In other words, writes Stephen Shankland of CNET, the NYT uses Google AI to "turn a historical archive of more than 5 million photos into digital data that will appear in newspaper articles on the world's largest television network. history". According to Shankland, another possibility is to explore artificial intelligence technology for the recognition of objects on photos. Read the full story >>

Help me finish this thought

Think of it as an automatic filling of visual content. Google announced this week that its artificial intelligence technology would also be applied to Android devices to suggest GIF images, emoji and stickers that, in its opinion, might well be incorporated into your conversation.

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<p style= Source of the picture: Google

As early as yesterday, said Google, phones using the Android operating system and the company's Gboard system will use machine learning to find out which of these visuals best fits the specific context of the game. ;a conversation.

"With thousands of emoji and stickers, as well as an infinite number of GIFs, it sometimes takes a while to find the perfect way to say" I love you ". "," Hooray ", or anything else you are trying to communicate," writes Angana Ghosh, product manager at Gboard. "It makes it quicker and easier to share your feelings and your vivid personality with the people you are talking to." Read the full story >>

5. Apples at Amazon

Yes – there is more news from Amazon. Last week, it was revealed that Amazon had reached an agreement with Apple to incorporate more of the latter's products on its website, including the latest models of iPads, iPhones and iPhones. Apple Watch. The product selection will not however include Apple's HomePod smart speaker, perhaps because of its potential competition with Amazon's own Echo smart speaker products.

But, there is a trap. This new product extension means that independent vendors selling reconditioned Apple products in the Amazon market will now be subject to strong restrictions. Their lists, says Ben Fox Rubin of CNET, will be deleted after Jan. 4 next year, and they "will have to apply to Apple to become authorized resellers on Amazon". Read the full story >>

6. Marketers, note that Samsung launches out loud and that it's time to get ready

At the Samsung developer conference last week, the name of the game was connectivity – and the Bixby voice assistant is what unites everything. Here's what marketers should know about this. Read the full story >>

7. Meet the people who build your brain-controlled television

Imagine a television controlled only by the brain. Meet the people who are developing this technology today – and discover the future that they envision. Read the full story >>

8. Voice search barometer: where are the users? [New Data]

According to studies, more and more online transactions are done by voice. But what do these transactions look like – and how many users actually adapt the voice? Read the full story >>

9. The what, where and how of video consumption [New Data]

As new online video products are increasingly used, we wanted to know how people prefer to watch. Read the full story >>

Source of selected image: Amazon

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