"Trips" consolidates Google's travel offers

At its Live Marketing event Tuesday, Oliver Heckmann, vice president of Engineering, Purchasing and Travel at Google, announced the latest the company's efforts to consolidate and simplify travel planning. Known simply as Trips, it is available both on the desktop and on the mobile and allows users to explore sights and attractions, as well as shop for flights, hotels and packages.

What is Google Trips? Trips accessible by going to https://www.google.com/travel. This page has five tabs: Travel, Explore, Flights, Hotels and Packages.

If you have already booked a trip, the "Travel" tab displays an automatically generated calendar, based on confirmation emails from your Gmail inbox. The timeline includes weather forecasts, reservations, flights and accommodations. The gaps in the timeline are presented with suggestions such as locations from the user's map or search history. Over the next few weeks, users will have the ability to directly edit their travel timeline and manually add bookings. If you have not booked a trip (or are not logged in), this tab displays recommendations for potential trips and popular destinations.

The Explorer tab features photos, articles, videos, and other information about a site, including "things to do," "suggested daily plans," and "the moment of the visit ".

The "Flights", "Hotels" and "Packages" tabs allow users to compare prices, but all transactions are

Why We Should Care

Trips can be used to view, search and save destinations and potential attractions. This information can be used to retarget visitors who have already shown interest in your business or to target travelers who may be traveling through your area.

The "Explorer" tab has a section that contains articles and videos, which can be a way to increase the traffic on your travel content.

"Our goal is to help users connect points, better organize their travel information and facilitate planning their trip. And that creates more leads and more opportunities to connect with those users when they intend, "Heckmann explained in the Keynote Announcement on Ad Innovation. Trips' focus on desktops and mobile users should make it a useful advertising tool, whether this "moment of intent" happens weeks in advance or when travelers are at your door. business.

More about the news

Once upon a time. Google first ventured into the travel industry by acquiring ITA Software in 2010. It launched its flight search services and hotels shortly thereafter. Over the years, the company has added more features to these services and improved their mobile interfaces. In 2016, she launched the mobile app Trips, which is a bit of a predecessor of this latest offering.

In March of this year, Google extended the search for hotels to vacation rentals and has now again attempted to consolidate all of their travel services in one place. As a travel planning tool, new trips could make navigating the different stages of planning a little smoother for consumers, which would make them make all their bookings during the same session or to pick up where they left off, while the marks are still fresh in their minds.

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