The XO Group and WeddingWire Unite under a New Brand Name

Following the merger of WeddingWire and the XO Group, which owns sites like The Knot and The Bump, both companies regroup at the end of last year. a name: The Knot Worldwide.

The junction of these two brands positions The Knot Worldwide as the largest digital resource for wedding planning. Dhanusha Sivajee, Director of Marketing for The Knot Worldwide, said, "Bringing the best of both worlds together allows us to pool our resources and really think about how we can innovate, not only for our users, but also for the hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world. country we are helping to communicate with these users. "

Sivajee stated that the decision to place The Knot's name at the center of this new company stems from the fact that the mark, which had started in 1996, was a unique property at a time when there was had few online resources for wedding planning.There is however a subtle homage to WeddingWire in the name: The initials of The Knot Worldwide are TKWW, which are also the initials of The Knot WeddingWire.

"The Knot was the first digital wedding planning brand on the scene in 1996," she told Adweek, "In fact, he was the pioneer and created the wedding planning business. We thought The Knot Worldwide paid tribute to our heritage and the innovations that are found there. "

Despite the new name, The Knot, WeddingWire and various other websites of the company, including The Bump, The Nest and How They Asked, will remain separated. In the case of The Knot and WeddingWire in particular, which are both wedding planning websites and offer similar features, such as supplier contacts and site reviews, Sivajee explained that the decision stemmed from the multiplicity ways to satisfy different types of customers.

] "We find that people have very different mentalities when planning a marriage," she said. "The WeddingWire couple is much more action-oriented and arrives with the intention of taking stock and moving on to the next decision, while the Knot user is much more geared toward the 39; experience. They really think about every aspect of planning a wedding and want to immerse themselves in it, from the inspiration to the search for a supplier, through the creation of a wedding. a website and a marriage registry. "

In addition to the size and scope of The Knot Worldwide Globe, the company also has a 40-year collective database from the two original companies, which will be used not only to assist customers but also to Marketing is, however, always going to be done by the brands themselves, The Knot Worldwide acting as the parent company for its portfolio, which they want to integrate into their registry, we have a lot of data that can help our users through the experience of other users, "said Sivajee." And for advertisers, we offer brand-based advertising products and performance that allow them to reach our couples at the right time. "

"Our mission as a society has not changed," said Sivajee, "We want to help couples navigate and enjoy life. mble of the greatest moments of life.We want to give priority to the user and collaborate with advertisers and partners who want to get the right messaging at the right time. "

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