The new mParticle API could help marketers with "anonymous user" data

mParticle client data platform has released detailed information on new APIs, platform features and aliases identity to improve accuracy and control of data. The updates include a nickname creation API for managing and merging client profiles, mParticle SDK security updates, and Google Tag Manager integration.

Why We Should Care

Many marketers were surprised at how to deal with unknown user data for years. This new API could allow marketers to track the entire customer journey, providing key performance information by integrating "anonymous user" data into a customer profile for visibility of each touchpoint. from end to end.

To understand the full life cycle of a customer, we must also know how to treat "anonymous users" – such as when the customer is offline from your website. In order to manage this data, the new mParticle User Aliasing API will allow users to automate the process of merging "anonymous user" data into customer profiles. Integrating the new dataset could help marketers develop a more complete customer profile, bringing them closer to 360 ° view. SDK.mParticle also announced the launch of its integration with Google Tag Manager, which will give marketers more freedom to update web beacons and pixels and to securely map collected web data.

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