The grand tour of the 2019 World Tour Return Path!

After months of anticipation, the Return Path world tour began Tuesday, April 30 at the prestigious residence BAFTA Piccadilly. I had the pleasure of organizing this brainstorming meeting to discuss the evolution of the email marketing landscape over the past year, with a focus on the profound effects of GDPR.

Dave Wilby, COO of Return Path, opened the debate this year. He commented on his observations of the past year, including the return to e-mail marketing awareness, comparing the effectiveness of single and double opt-in subscriptions and the increasing use of e-mail marketing. # 39; s subscription. AI in an email.

Guy Hanson, vice-president of Return Path Professional Services, then presented his lecture on the enigma of the lifetime value of email clients, addressing the average return on investment of email marketing and highlighting the importance of reducing the churn rate. Guy is also looking to the future to discuss the introduction of new technologies in email marketing and how email optimization for smartphones and other platforms such as voice assistants and sartorial technologies could be essential to the success of the e-mail campaign in the coming years. ]

After a short break in the network, Andrew Ellis, head of CRM at McDonald's, explained McDonald's Monopoly campaign strategy for 2018, which is the UK's largest annual sales promotion campaign. During the 2018 campaign, McDonald's was also facing the introduction of the GDPR, so it was extremely interesting to hear how this was being exploited to their advantage.

Then we heard the comment from West Wing's Deliverability Manager, Magnus Eén, who explored the techniques used by the company to increase the company's commitment to the household goods sector. As a European company, it was interesting to hear about their experiences with different mailbox providers, the expected rise of medium-sized SMEs and the conclusions that UK-based companies can draw. It was heartening to learn how the return path certification associated with various IP addresses, some of which were certified and some not, had solved their deliverability issues.

The event ended with a reception over a drink, during which our participants attended a cocktail party or two while making contacts with Return Path leaders and other influential figures of the industry.

Thank you to everyone who attended the first leg of Return Path's global tour and, in particular, to our McDonald's and West Wing clients for sharing their experiences with us. The next event of the series was Sydney on Wednesday, May 8, followed by Paris on May 22 and São Paulo on June 5.

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