The free Instagram analysis apps you need in 2019

The use of Instagram for marketing purposes is growing in popularity, with over 70% of companies using this platform in 2017, compared to less than 50% in 2016.

It's important that you use Instagram for your own business, but once you've started it can be difficult to determine if you're really successful. Without the right indicators, you'll never know if you could do more to engage your audience or expand your audience.

There are many Instagram analytics apps to help you track your progress and discover areas for improvement. Here we will focus on the best free Instagram analytics apps, so you can focus your money and effort on the Instagram content itself.

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Free Instagram analysis tools

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1. Preview of Instagram

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If you have a professional account on Instagram, you automatically have access to their free analysis tool, Instagram Insights. The Insights tool can show you, when your audience is on Instagram, what are the most popular posts, as well as the impressions and scope of your account.

In addition, you can compare your original message to a promoted version of the message to determine if your paid efforts are working. Unfortunately, you can only use the tool in the application (there is no desktop version). This is not the most user-friendly, but it provides a good basic overview of your Instagram analysis for individual posts and your account as a whole.

2. Iconosquare

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Iconosquare is a three-in-one Instagram solution for social media marketing. The platform allows you to schedule new articles, monitor what people are saying about the industry (or your brand) and, of course, track your Instagram analytics. These analytics show you trends in engagement, impressions, the reach of your posts, and even the performance of your Instagram stories.

Iconosquare also includes hashtag and competitor tracking, allowing marketers to compare themselves to people and topics of interest. The platform comes with a two-week free trial, as well as various free tools such as a full audit on Instagram.

3. Squarelovin

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The free Instagram Insights tool from Squarelovin provides most of the information you would need to analyze your progress over the course of the year. For example, you can get a monthly analysis of your publications or a history of your publications broken down. by month, day or even hour. In addition, the tool provides information on the interests of your subscribers and on how to strengthen the engagement of your publications. You can even determine the best time to post, depending on when your subscribers are most likely to be on the app.

4. Crowdfire

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Crowdfire allows marketers to schedule publications, measure their performance and track brand endorsements, as well as manage content related to their business sector on the Internet. The product provides recommendations on articles and images from other websites, helping marketers increase their visibility to determine which content to include in their Instagram strategy.

Crowdfire's analytics tools let you visualize your Instagram data in multiple, easy-to-use graphs. They also explore a number of advanced indicators that tell you your performance over long periods.

5. Pixlee

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Used by Kenneth Cole, Sonos and many other major brands, Pixlee offers an awesome free tool. It allows you to create sharable reports that you can distribute to your entire marketing team and analyze statistics to determine how to drive more engagement and attract new subscribers. Plus, the tool helps you find influencers or brand advocates who promote your products, allowing you to create more effective influence campaigns.

6. Statistics of the Union

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Although it does not provide its free Instagram analysis tool, Union Metrics offers a free monthly health check. The report tells you which hashtags will increase your engagement, which messages will best capture your audience, and what time your subscribers will use the app. Although the tool can not provide you with analyzes beyond 30 days, it is a useful option to take a look at short-term themes and patterns and for learn how to quickly improve your metrics.

7. Socialbakers

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Image via support Socialbakers

Although, of course, it is not the most attractive tool on the list, Socialbakers still offers essential information, including the most liked and commented messages, as well as the best performing filters. In addition, Socialbakers offers an Instagram report, which compares your own Instagram account to that of your competitors, to see where you are in the industry and what you can do to improve it.

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