The 19 Instagram accounts with the largest number of subscribers (and what marketers can learn from them)

When Instagram was first published, it was uniquely designed as a visual and fun social media network. Nowadays, it is also used as a major content promotion tool for brands and influencers.

In fact, according to Sprout Social, 80% of Instagram users follow a brand and one of the three most-watched items of all time has been published on a professional account.

Along with commercial accounts, marketing influence is also on the rise. For example, 93% of the marketing campaigns of influence took place on Instagram in 2018


By introducing key product updates such as video, reports and IGTV, Instagram now has more than a billion active users a month who spend nearly an hour to scroll through the application every day of their connection.

The popularity of Instagram allows most brands to create an emotional connection with a large audience. Some brands are so talented to visually attract and resonate Instagram users that they have attracted tens of millions of followers. increase in Instagram engagement. “/>

To help you get the most out of the platform, we've compiled a list of 19 accounts with the largest number of users, as well as a few key points from each.

Since the accounts with the largest number of subscribers belong to influencers and celebrities, we have split this summary into two sub-lists specific to the brand and influence factor.

Main Instagram accounts (trademarks)

InstagramNational GeographicNikeReal MadridPC Barcelona9GAGNASAUEFA Champion LeagueMarvelChanel

1. Instagram

Followers: 303 million

Instagram is a good example for brands that really want to engage an audience with their apps. By organizing and republishing the most engaging content of their users on their own profile, Instagram shows their subscribers that ordinary users can tap their creative and artistic potential on the platform.

This encourages brands and accustomed users of Instagram to devote the time and effort required to create visually striking content that will immediately grab the public's attention.

Instagram is also doing a good job of promoting their stories and their IGTV show about celebrities, wildlife and other topics related to culture. They publish original content that highlights upcoming episodes, but the articles read more like a story than an advertisement, which raises more interest for the series.

2. National Geographic

Followers: 111 million

National Geographic hires the most talented photographers in the world. Their Instagram publications of landscapes, cityscapes and surrounding life therefore seem to always be impressive. But their breathtaking visuals are not the only reason they have attracted more than 100 million followers.

National Geographic is a historical magazine known for its credible journalism and captivating stories. In the caption of each article, they are able to write compelling stories about the photo or video, usually in a way that raises public awareness of a relevant environmental issue.

National Geographic also uses Instagram Stories, Stories Archive and IGTV to drive traffic to featured articles and videos on its website. But they also know that their followers prefer not to leave the application.

Instead of using whimsical visuals and a clickbait copy to get people to visit their website, they actually summarize the article or video of their stories in their IGTV stories and broadcasts.

For marketers, National Geographic's Instagram strategy states that it's crucial to meet your audience where they are and not to force them to go somewhere just because you want them to be there. he goes there.

If people are accessing your website, it's awesome. But you should be more than willing to educate your audience where it wants to be educated, even if the traffic is less important.

3. Nike

Followers: 88.5 million

In the advertising industry, Nike is known for its motivational ads, which inspire athletes to believe in themselves to reach their full potential.

On Instagram, iconic brand content follows this theme, with messages in the form of short films, documentaries and videos, and inspiring photos. Nike also uses Instagram to inform its subscribers of fast news from the sports world, proving that they fully understand the interests and desires of their audience.

4. Real Madrid

Subscribers: 72.6 million

Real Madrid is arguably the most popular football team in the world, so most of this team's posts on Instagram update their massive fan base on scores, highlights, and deals .

But the way they attract and engage twice as many Instagram followers as teams with similar fan bases does not go through standard updates. They built their huge customer base by giving their fans a glimpse into the daily activities of the team through player takeovers and IGTV workout times.

By breaking these barriers between supporters and players, Real Madrid fans feel like they know their favorite player on a personal level, which creates a more intimate and loyal relationship between the two.

5. FC Barcelona

Followers: 71.1 million

Like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona informs Barcelona fans of sports photographs, statistics of the season, information on Barcelona players and other fun information relating to the team and the season.

They use a mix of content styles with videos, action plans and taken photos, but they still use many dazzling tags, hashtags and emojis in their captions.

During matches and other events, FC Barcelona launches one or more reports with their own video content as well as content prepared by fans.

Thanks to the stories selected by the fans, they are able to publish more interesting and fresh content. Stories organized by FC Barcelona also allow fans to contribute to the Instagram channel. We are not able to publish stories directly, but you can find them on the account page.

6. 9GAG

Followers: 50.2 million

With lots of videos on dogs, cats and babies, references and jokes almost too easy to tell, 9GAG has one of the funniest accounts on Instagram.

The Instagram stories and story archives of the account are also of interest to their audience. They post a ton of polls on topics that everyone has an answer to, like, "Is soup a food or a drink? past or future? "

They also use Instagram stories to drive traffic to their website by asking their subscribers to read and see if they correctly guessed the name of a TV show or program. a film with only clues emojis. On IGTV, they are generating even more brand engagement by letting their subscribers ask questions during live questions / answers with celebrities.

As the only online content platform on this list, 9GAG proves to marketers that interacting with your audience is one of the best ways to get it involved, to develop a relationship and to develop Attract more like subscribers.


Followers: 43.7 million

While browsing NASA's Instagram feed, you feel a bit like an astronaut floating in the depths of space. You will discover intimate views of different planets, constellations and supernovas of the Milky Way galaxy, all of which are taken by NASA spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA's Instagram stories and IGTV channel also educate their followers about interesting space information, such as the views of the sun and the Earth, the search for life in the world. space and new technological launches of NASA

The popularity of NASA on Instagram proves that you can actually create educational content that does not sacrifice any entertainment value.

8. UEFA Champions League

Followers: 41.3 million

In the past year, the Champions League has surpassed the NBA's account among its Instagram followers. Like the other football brand accounts we have mentioned, the Champions League regularly posts action and team shoots, as well as updates on upcoming and past games.

In addition to regular updates and action plans, some of the regular messages in the account include stats such as "Top Scorers", behind-the-scenes videos, and images from the team.

9. Wonder

Followers: 37.5 million

Marvel regularly publishes articles on his films, television programs and content. It also mixes things with the use of photo and video messages. In addition, the account occasionally uses fun videos to cross-promote with other Marvel-affiliated accounts and influencers.

While many other accounts, such as HBO, promote their content by posting movie trailers under the name Stories Instagram, Marvel uses Stories to cover exceptional events on the red carpet. These stories include photos and clips of the stars, as well as other interesting things happening at events. More recently, Marvel has premiered Dark Phoenix and Avengers: Endgame.

10. Chanel

Followers: 34.9 million

On Thursday, hindsight will still be a huge deal on social media – who does not like a strong dose of nostalgia each week? Recently, however, Chanel decided to take #tbt to a higher level. They evoked the nostalgia of fashionistas around the world by posting every day old commercials highlighting the previous fashion trends for their Chanel Holidays campaign.

The legendary fashion label also publishes many articles on Coco Chanel's fashion influences to promote Inside Chanel, a web series that tells the story of Coco's life and how she built her fashion empire.

Harnessing the power of the past is one of the most effective ways to evoke an emotional response from your audience and connect with them. In this spirit, nostalgia should always be part of your marketing arsenal.

Main Instagram accounts (influencers)

Cristiano RinaldoAriana GrandeSelena GomezDwayne "The Rock" JohnsonKim KardashianKylie JennerBeyoncéLeo MessiTaylor Swift

1. Cristiano Rinaldo

Followers: 170 million

So who has the most subscribers on Instagram? It would be Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been called the best football player in the world (or football player).

In addition to the expected football action plans, his strategy on Instagram primarily involves paid partnerships and cross promotions. Here is an example:

The account content is a mix of sports-related updates, photos illustrating his life outside the arena and occasional motivational articles on topics such as fitness and the liberation of the spirit.

One of the things on which this story is making great efforts is imagery. All his images and videos are crisp, clear, colorful and of high quality. We have found that editing images before uploading them to Instagram can really make all the difference to the professional look of an individual brand or account. Ronaldo's story is an excellent example.

2. Ariana Grande

Followers: 156 million

Ariana Grande recently won an incredibly large number of fans on the platform. His brand is particularly relevant to Instagram's younger population.

In the last four years, it seems that Ariana did not need to resort to partnerships or promotions to strengthen her relationships. Here is an example of one of the few promotional publications she has had on her account, dating back to 2015:

Currently, it seems that its strategy involves a very high display frequency, with at least six updates per week. She mainly uses this platform to inform users about her daily life and her musical career. These articles often include photos of his dog, behind-the-scenes videos and excerpts from concerts.

Ariana also experimented with IGTV. Recently, she used it to announce the deletion of her new song "Sweetener" by including it in the message itself, as well as a link to it in the caption.

This type of strategy could give fans and fans the feeling of being rewarded for their loyalty on the platform. At the same time, the ability to hear Ariana's new music could attract new audiences to follow her.

Many of his posts usually include short captions that may include only one or two emojis. This does not seem to be unusual for the big celebrities on the platform, as they may not need to optimize subtitles.

While Ariana and the other influencers in the list may not have a captioning strategy, they must also follow best practices for optimization. These include creating interesting captions that can use hashtags and account markup.

3. Selena Gomez

Followers: 151 million

Selena Gomez's content is a fun mix of paid partnerships, selfies and quotes. As the oldest person most followed on Instagram, she has mastered optimized photo captions, stories, paid partnerships and cross promotions with other influencers.

While her messages include paid promotions and cross promotions from influencers, she also uses Instagram to share inspirational quotes or reflections on certain political topics, adding a human touch to her page.

4. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

Followers: 145 million

Every day, Dwayne Johnson could use the platform to inform fans of his family life, what he eats during his "cheat days", his fitness products or movies on which he works. He also started using IGTV to promote his projects and his personal brand. He films himself often giving fitness advice, discussing his new products or informing his fans about other interesting events in his life.

5. Kim Kardashian West

Followers: 141 million

The Kardashians star has recently released much more information about his family and his KKW Beauty range. Nor is it foreign to promotions and cross-partnerships. Although most of her positions are artistic or strategic, she is not afraid to post something breathtaking or humorous from time to time.

Here is a funny post in which she promotes The Secret Life of Pets.

She uses IGTV to promote her projects, such as trailers for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She will also occasionally team up with other influencers for tutorial style posts.

In this video, his hairdresser Mario Dedivanovic explains to fans how to recreate Kim's recent look Kim's Met:

6. Kylie Jenner

Followers: 137 million

While Kylie Jenner's individual account follows her daily life, she has also used it as a promotional tool for her companies: Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. Although Kylie regularly associates her clients with a cross promotion with her company's accounts, her personal Instagram account still counts more than 100 million more followers than the other two years combined.

Lately, Kylie has been using IGTV to give fans tutorials about Kylie Cosmetics. This strategy allows its audience to see what the products look like and learn how to use them before making a purchase.

This type of content can engage experienced and less experienced buyers in shopping for makeup.

7. Beyonc and

Followers: 128 million

Like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé focuses more on her artistic side than in cross-promotion or paid promotion. She also stands out from the usual mold by rarely publishing subtitles and letting her high-quality images or videos speak for herself.

On her Instagram, you can usually find high quality photo slideshows of her, high fashion photos where she is seen in different styles and outfits, and occasional promotions of her own personal projects – such as his documentary concert Netflix, Homecoming.

8. Leo Messi

Followers: 121 million

The footballer regularly posts photos of himself in the field, as well as his daily life. His publications are a mix of well-edited photos and videos. When videos are included, they are often part of paid promotions. Messi also participated in the Stories function, where he shows pictures of himself, images of events in play and some pictures of his family.

Although he does not publish important legends about his personal publications, he generally optimizes paid promotional publications with tags and hashtags. He also publishes well thought out legends in English and Spanish. This could open up his next opportunities internationally.

9. Taylor Swift

Followers: 118 million

The instinct of the musician is full of pictures of concerts and some pictures of her daily life. Unlike Beyonce and Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift embraces legends with emojis and hashtags. She also does a great job of marking other accounts. This account is a good example of how tight legends and account markup strategies can really optimize your Instagram.

His publications are often colored and presented as a slide show, allowing users to browse multiple images.

Taylor also used his Instagram account to promote shows and albums. Like Ariana Grande, she recently published articles to promote and give users a taste of her single "ME!".

By viewing the news, users could post a link to a site listing the sites where you can listen to, download, or record the song. This strategy gives users a taste of the content and then a quick payoff when they slide up.

Points to remember about the most followed accounts

By examining the most popular brands and influencers, we can see some key strategies that many of them have in common.

Here are a few that you can start using, even without a giant audience or a large budget for social media.

Optimize legendary legends with dazzling hashtags, counting beacons and emojis.
Use cross-promotion or paid strategies to associate with other accounts or influencers.
Experience new features, such as Stories or IGTV, to give users new ways to engage and consume your branded content.

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