Survey: 90% of consumers tell brands to move away from shocking and extreme content

Brand safety issues are partly responsible for the housing trend and they are also causing a decline of the program by certain brands. A new survey by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI) shows why brands should be worried that their content will appear next to questionable or offensive content.

Reduce their purchases or stop buying altogether. . TAG and BSI interviewed just over 1,000 American adults at the end of July. Like other similar investigations, the parties found that a majority of consumers would have a negative opinion about brands offering products with extreme or offensive content. And while consumer opinions do not always translate into action, the majority of consumers said at the TAG-BSI survey that they would reduce or stop buying products appearing in these questionable contexts .

The survey asked respondents to estimate the amount. online content falling into the categories "dangerous, offensive or inappropriate". About 85% of respondents said that some (51%) or a lot (34%). The survey then focused on reactions to specific types of content.

Which of the following content types do you think advertisers should prevent from showing their ads?

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