Spotify for Podcasters Provides Data on Demographic Data and Listening Habits

Spotify for Podcasters, a Discovery and Analysis Dashboard, Is Out of Beta announced Tuesday the music streaming service. The platform allows podcast creators to submit their shows and view demographics and engagement of listeners, such as the initial location and the stop reading, as well as that the average listening time.

Creating a complete platform. Earlier this year, Spotify spent $ 400 million on the acquisition of podcast companies Gimlet, Anchor and Parcast. The streaming music service has also signed agreements for exclusive podcast content with personalities such as Obama and comedian Amy Schumer. It was only a matter of time before the company announced strategies for monetizing the content of its podcast, which it did in June by allowing advertisers to specifically target podcast listeners .

From now on, the Spotify scorecard allows podcast creators – and advertisers who work with them – to access more data, such as age, the sex and location of the listeners, the types of music on which they are set, the duration of listening to certain podcast episodes and the place of beginning and end of the reading.

One of the biggest critics of podcast advertising – solved? "From my experience, podcast ads can result in direct conversions, but more often than not, it's a great notoriety," said Rebekah Bek, Ahrefs director of marketing, in our Quick Start Guide. podcast advertising guide. A lack of data, conversion tracking difficulties and assignments have prevented the wider adoption of podcast ads.

Some podcast networks, advertising agencies and other third parties, such as Nielsen, provide surveyor data from surveys, but this information is self-reported and is not available in real time . Spotify, on the other hand, requires users to open an account and can provide data on demographics and listening habits of potentially all of its users, which can give more reliable information.

Why should we care. For marketers and advertisers, having access to demographic information from a podcast audience can allow for more accurate targeting, which can lead to more successful ad campaigns. Knowing the habits of an audience, such as the average listening time, can also give advertisers a better idea of ​​whether their ads are actually being listened to or whether it is appropriate to Adjust their locations to optimize their budget.

For podcast creators and brands who view podcasts as a content marketing initiative, these audience data can give an idea of ​​who's listening so they can develop content for that audience . And, as Spotify is available on iOS, Android, as a desktop application, via a browser and integrated with many smart speakers, Spotify could provide even more audience segmentation data or enable advertisers to dynamically insert ads for listeners. at home or on the go.

Currently, conversion attribution and tracking for podcast advertising campaigns still presents significant challenges – more audience demographics and listening data should not overshadow these concerns , but they represent a big step forward for the industry, which is expected to exceed $ 1 billion in domestic revenue in 2021.

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