Spotify and Warner Bros. have created a spot with 3D sound to promote the birth of a star

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have seduced the audience by their undeniable chemistry in the latest remake of A Star Is Born. This time, the story of a country rock star and a rising pop star features new songs from Gaga and Cooper. In order to showcase this music, Warner Brothers (the studio behind the film, which debuted as a director) worked with Spotify to produce a video advertisement with its 3D.

Advertising that mimics surround sound The effect of being in the theater when the viewer wears headphones is a first of its kind, according to Spotify and Warner Bros. It was created by Warner Bros. and Spotify's creative team in partnership with the Red Apple Creative Store.

"An ad like this helps navigate through a cluttered environment of content and allows the audience to interact more with our movies," said Andrew Hotz, global digital marketing expert for Warner Bros. , in an email. "For A Star Is Born, we were looking for revolutionary opportunities that stay true to the themes and tone of the film."

Hotz continues, "While many opportunities were out of the box or fanciful, we experienced this video format with Spotify using technology in a creative and engaging way without compromising the tone of the film and the marketing campaign. "

" We used a specialized audio production technique that provides audio to the Spotify user so that his ears and the brain interpret the sounds as being omnidirectional " said Andi Frieder, Sales Manager, Entertainment Industry at Spotify, in an e-mail. "This places the sound not only left and right, but above, behind, and in front of the listener. an apparently 3D space. "

Frieder added:" Working with our studio partners, we are constantly trying to innovate new ways to convince a generation of streaming to introduce themselves to the big screen experience. The more effective our products, concepts and strategies are, the more value we can bring to the entertainment marketing community. We are currently working in the same industry as studio marketers, in that we are negotiating time with the consumer in an increasingly fragmented content environment. After the first weekend of the film, [Shallow] was the seventh most repeated song in the United States. On Monday, October, 152,396 people played the song more than once. Since its release, Shallow has been broadcast 21.9 million times (as of 10/11/18). Streaming of Lady Gaga's music increased by 308% on Monday, October 8th following the film's first weekend, the same day the previous month (10/8 vs 9/10) Evergreen's stream of Barbra Streisand of the 1976 version of A Star is Born rose with a rise of 403% in flows on Monday 10/8/18 against 9/8/18.

Spotify will also be working with Warner Brothers on the release of Aquaman later this year, but it is unclear what this will entail.

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