SMX Takeover: The On-Demand Brand, Complete Funnel Approach

Being present at every turn in your customers' shopping journey can help you navigate their journey. During her Insights session at SMX Advanced, Helen Provost, Account Manager at Google, explained how to use YouTube ads alongside Google search ads to increase brand awareness and help users along the way. # 39; funnel.

Provost's full session above, read on for tips on getting the most out of your YouTube advertising campaigns. The full transcript is also available below.

Whether you're starting out with YouTube ads or want to optimize them, Provost suggests you keep the following points in mind:

When you post TrueView for Action ads on YouTube, be sure to leave automatic auctions unchanged for at least two weeks. The reason is to make sure that you let the machine learning systems actually learn. Whenever you change your goal, the learning process has to start all over again. For great announcements, the six-second YouTube format, focus on one theme. You will want to leave the viewer with one thought of separation. YouTube is huge on mobile, and the size of the screen counts for content creation. Close-ups of faces, texts, etc., are the key to creative success.

Discovery sessions provide practical advice and useful information from experts. Here are some other sessions you can listen to right now:

If you find these sessions informative, consider attending them live on November 13th and 14th, at SMX East in New York.


Introduction of George Nguyen: Brand strategy is a top priority for marketing teams around the world, but sometimes the messages conveyed by our brands can be cataloged in a channel or a particular delivery vehicle.

And, sometimes, the way customers buy takes a few unexpected detours. Ensuring that your brand is present – at every turn of this path – can help you steer their journey, no matter what stage of funnel they are in.

This is the Land Search Engine podcast, I'm Helen Ngost, your account manager at Google, will soon welcome your host, George Nguyen.

During her Insights session at SMX Advanced, she talked about using YouTube ads alongside Google search ads to generate more. Make your brand better aware of your service and know how to use Google's automated features to create and optimize your campaigns.

Before giving Helen the floor, I encourage you to check out our other SMX replays. (after listening to this one, of course); they present information on creating informative dashboards, on obtaining top-notch media coverage, on SEO that search engines are trying to solve for you and so much more. All of this can be heard in the Marketing Land SoundCloud feed, and full articles and transcripts are available on – just search SMX replay. And now, here is Helen …

Helen Provost, Google Ads Account Manager: What's new, SMX Advanced? Today, we will talk about the brands on demand – especially the evolution of the brand, the funnel approach. My name is Helen Provost and, like any good buyer, what I prefer to talk about myself is myself. We will start here.

Born and raised Boston girl, great fan of the Patriots. Yes. The seventh ring comes to you next February. I started my career in a company called WordStream, under the direction of Larry Kim. What I claim is that I had the habit of keeping his children with him and that he also came to my wedding. Fast forward to 2017 and I split up on the west coast, I started working at Google. I work specifically as an account manager working for B2B Tech customers; great spenders. Become an unscrupulous fan of the Warriors, a fan of Steph Curry and also a surf fishing. Ok, that's enough for me.

Without further ado, I thought we would start with a little pop quiz here. So, a good product sells itself – true or false? Everyone is right. We all win – it's half true. The best product will always win, but only if people know it. I repeat: the best product will always carry it, but only if people know it.

The development of the brand generates a better return on results. A McKinsey study published a few years ago showed that strong brands predominated in both up and down market phases and a rising margin. The 40 largest global brands ranked in Interbrand's Best Annual Global Brands Study have consistently outperformed the traditional benchmark since it was first published in 2000. References such as the S & P 500. Convincing, n & # 39; is this not?

How many of you use at least one of these services? Keep your hands in the air. Look around you. We all basically love video. It has not changed, but the way we consume video has changed, and that's largely thanks to YouTube. How many of you were watching YouTube in 2004? Hmm. Interesting. YouTube was launched in 2005 – the first users.

We just announced it a few weeks ago on Google Marketing Live. I do not know how many of you were there. But we now have two billion viewers connected to YouTube monthly, which is higher than the population of China, the United States and Brazil combined. And there's virtually a subject for everyone on YouTube, whether you like vintage cars, workouts, or cooking. I am personally in Binging with Babish. I watch all the time, the 200 episodes and some strange episodes.

And, more and more, YouTube is the place where people go to shop. Did you know that 40% of people buy products that they first discovered on YouTube? Given the breadth of YouTube, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The video has so much potential, and I know that many of you in this room have not yet looked into it, but I'm here to tell you that things have changed. But as a performance marketing specialist, I know, you know, it can be quite scary, as if the video was expensive to create. Historically, it has been very difficult to show the return on investment and in the complex set to manage and that's right. But the video had the habit of sitting comfortably at the top of the funnel, right? And it was only used as a branding strategy, rarely daring to enter the field of direct response.

Unless you're watching late-night infomercials like Flowbee; do you remember? This is actually still a product. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it's an attachment you can put on your vacuum so you can, like cutting your hair or something. It's a little strange. But before, the only way to convince someone to act with a video was to have them watch and then ask them to dial a phone number. You can not optimize your flight at mid-flight, you can not measure the impact beyond your reach. Anyone with a conversion mindset, with the exception of Flowbees' marketing team, was extremely skeptical about the video.

But the video has come a long way since the time of Flowbee and we want to help you seize this tremendous opportunity. With better technology and a more interactive video format, you can empower video to get the results that matter most to your business. Whether you are trying to generate leads, to bring someone into your store, to convince him to buy something online, video can generate results that matter to your business. You can inspire, generate interest and, at the end of the video, clearly indicate the way of purchase.
I would quickly like to show some examples of companies that have managed to use YouTube.

So, the first is Marley Spoon. Martha Stewart, a fast-growing start-up company, wanted to start taking advantage of the video to be present throughout the customer journey. Thus, with a rising meal delivery service, Marley Spoon was looking for effective ways to simultaneously increase brand awareness while increasing their subscription base. They've created a YouTube campaign that combines both brand awareness and user selection at the end of the video.

The effect "flywheel" created when using search ads associated with video ads.

The results are valid. YouTube's unique ability to stay with the consumer throughout its journey. There was a 25% increase in brand awareness, 49% advertising recall and 52% subscriptions. As Marley Spoon shows us, the video itself can generate impressive results, but if you really want to boost growth, I recommend using search and tandem video to create the effect of flywheel.

On average, brands that jointly use YouTube and Google searches find an 8% increase in conversion volume, a 3% increase in conversion rate, and a 4% decrease in target CPA. And, in fact, did you know that 80% of buyers alternate search online and video while seeking to buy products?

I would like to introduce another quick example of a brand using YouTube and United Airlines is an excellent example. So, I think the average American gets only 10 days of vacation a year. So you're not surprised that people who book vacations do a lot of research and do their due diligence. Historically, United Airlines used YouTube simply as a brand awareness tactic, but they decided to see if they could move up a gear – and they did. Using a target CPA, they made 17,000 reserved flights. That's pretty impressive, right?

And what about shorter advertisements? Everyone has heard about bumpers, right? Or at least, do you know these six-second advertisements on YouTube? These are a great way to deal with a mobile world first. Advertisers are challenged to make an impact despite the small size of screens and the ability to pay attention. But you can actually create a fascinating messaging in six seconds.

Optimal use cases: what are they for? They are an excellent complement to any TrueView campaign you run. They can use, if you want to broadcast a larger brand message, these can be used directly in conjunction with your TrueView efforts, and then be used afterward to remarket to people who have seen your ad start.

The Bumper Machine – Does anyone know what it is? It's too cool; it's like my favorite thing that Google has just published. So basically, you know, we listened and we know that the video can be a little intimidating and that it seemed to somehow belong to the cool kid's club, right? You can only be on YouTube if you have a big brand, but this is no longer the case and we wanted it to be very obvious to advertisers.

So we created something we call the Bumper. Machine and it's still in beta for now, but it takes a video of 90 seconds or less to turn it into machine learning into sequences of three or four seconds. It's pretty impressive.

And the last tactic I'd like to introduce here today is to be on YouTube's lead. And you can do it by launching discovery campaigns.

Discovery Ads: They can be launched without even video resources. And all you have to do is provide some images, some creations, and then we will collect them and show them to some compelling places, like in your Gmail inbox, on the YouTube home screen and, of course, on Google. home feed there.

So, the skinny here: Awareness is imperative for the long-term success of any business. YouTube serves the complete funnel, you can use it for both awareness raising tactics and performance. And the bumpers and the discovery perfectly complement any TrueView campaign. Thank you.

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