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Return Path's mission over the last 20 years is to make email more efficient for everyone – consumers wanting to block spam, mailbox providers identifying and filtering spam, marketing specialists improving customer experience and response rates. and the overall performance of their email marketing programs.

As the messaging ecosystem has evolved over the last 20 years, Return Path's solutions have also evolved and expanded to meet the daily challenges of our customers, the changing expectations of the business, and sector developments. Return Path was the first company to offer a seed-based e-mail distribution monitoring solution, providing email marketers with better visibility of where their e-mails are delivered. As we expanded our accreditation program, we started offering Return Path Certification customers direct flows from participating mailbox providers, indicating their actual placement rate in the program. the inbox. We did this because mailbox providers relied more on engagement signals to filter email, especially relative engagement depending on how subscribers interact with email, a something that conventional seed-based solutions are not able to measure. As a result, Return Path has developed the first and largest subscriber network, the Return Path Consumer Network, to monitor deliverability and e-mail engagement. Today, more than 3,000 nonprofit companies, organizations and organizations rely on Return Path for our innovations in deliverability and optimization of email, data, solutions and solutions. ; expertise.

The industry is today facing one of these challenges. Recently, Google announced "Project Strobe" describing the changes that make data access more granular, secure and better understood by their users. On March 31, these policy changes take effect, significantly reducing the data on our Gmail consumer network. You can find out more about this change and my thoughts in an initial blog post that I wrote on this topic. While continuing to think that Google's approach is a little extreme, we respect their decision and we are preparing for a new world with less consumer network data accessible from Google. However, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, we use many data sets and data science techniques to help our customers monitor and improve their email programs, not just Google data.

They evolve, we evolve, you evolve
On March 26, in reaction to this change, we present our last source of producibility data – SmartSeeds . SmartSeeds combines the best of traditional email seed measurement and measurement of subscriber engagement. It is the answer to the control and measurement of the deliverability of messages in the era of artificial intelligence. By mimicking actual subscribers, SmartSeeds provides marketers with insight into how subscriber engagement affects their placement in Google's inbox. SmartSeeds will also enable marketers to track specific campaigns or segments, while providing enhanced monitoring of their competitors' campaigns.

Return Path is the only company to offer the four data sources that power our deliverability control and measurement solutions. With the consumer network, SmartSeeds, direct mailbox provider feeds, and our original CoreSeeds (collectively known as deliverability data), Return Path is the only company that can provide shippers with accurate visibility into their true deliverability In all areas. of their program. We do not believe that companies should have to choose between data sources or ask which method is the best, or the most accurate way to measure the placement of the inbox. At Return Path, our customers and partners will all have access to traditional seed-based measurement tools, the consumer network, and our artificial intelligence SmartSeeds.

In the coming weeks, Return Path will tell you a lot about SmartSeeds and other exciting new products we are launching for our customers and partners. We are proud of the last 20 years of innovation we have delivered to the industry and we are even more excited to show you what we have in store for the future!

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