Report: The mobile will become the preferred platform for video ads by the end of 2019

Mobile video consumption eclipses more and more screen sharing and d & # 39; Desktop in 2019 – and investments in video ads follow the same path. Video ads on mobile devices are expected to exceed $ 29 billion globally this year. But a new report from PubMatic, a global ad-serving platform, found that nearly 50 percent of video ads were viewed on a mobile device, up from 40 percent in 2018. If growth continues at this pace, mobile devices should become the preferred platform for video ad slots by the end of the year.

Mobile and video: perfect pairs. Although spending on video ads does not grow at all on mobile, mobile devices continue to devour ad dollars and attract impressions – so it's no surprise that the video reflects the trend on the rise. In the first quarter of 2019, mobile spend through the PubMatic platform increased by 29% compared to 2018. Similarly, mobile print volume increased sharply, increasing 35% over the year. former. The dramatic increase in spending on video advertising – especially for mobile – highlights the impact of a more efficient technology and a fast data transmission speed. With faster connections and 5G technology looming on the horizon, users, advertisers and publishers are increasingly relying on mobile to introduce powerful interactive content in the form of video.

Nevertheless, advertisers should recognize that mobile video formats The universal solution for all brands, despite the upward trend in consumption. For brands looking to increase sales or increase brand awareness, advertisers must identify the behaviors of their audiences and offer online campaigns with consumer engagement.

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