Release Notes: Marketo Rocks Email 2.0, Adds Creative Cloud Image Editing, Plus

Marketo Release Notes Date From June '19, Highlighting Integration More Marketo's push in the Adobe Cloud family. In addition to giving marketers access to Creative Cloud tools within Marketo, this announcement highlights the company's efforts to remove Email 1.0 email and move customers to email from the 1st June.

Features such as editing images in Design Studio powered by Creative Cloud will be available to users throughout the quarter. The introduction of Adobe's design capabilities will create a more efficient experience for users who edit images in other applications outside the program.

Digital marketers should be on the lookout for any Marketo communication regarding these new features and study how to incorporate in improving your teams' processes and strategies.

Immediate Updates to Predict

Marketo will encourage users to migrate from email 1.0 to email 2.0; for digital teams still using Email 1.0, Email 2.0 is fully compatible with your existing emails and templates. It is important to note that Email 1.0 users must activate Email 2.0 in their subscription – Email 1.0 will no longer be available after June 1st.

Email 2.0 offers the ability to group content images and modules, define variables such as strings, colors and images, in models, use fully responsive starter templates and a visual selector email templates.

What to expect throughout the quarter

Editing images in Design Studio powered by Creative Cloud: Design Studio will now be powered by Adobe Creative Cloud , which will create more effective experiences for marketers editing images outside the platform. Users no longer need to export, edit, or re-import images to make simple edits.

E-mail, Landing Page, Code Snippet, Form, Image, and File List Views : View, Search, and Perform Actions Mass on one of your assets in Design Studio.

Detail page of images, files, and snippets : Get details about your assets with metadata as created at / by and actions such as delete and approve.

Next Expiration Widget: Add the "Expire soon" widget to your My Marketo dashboard to see which campaigns and landing pages are about to expire.

[19459001)] More Rules for Smart Lists : Segment and target correctly by adding rules for Smart Lists, including "Create a Task" and others that make use of your CRM data.

Champion / Challenger Detail Page : View data such as winning criteria, created at, etc. from your champion email / challenger tests.

Test Flow s: Gain visibility into the streams that are sent to which users in real time

Editing images in Design Studio powered by Creative Cloud : The editing of images in Design Studio is now optimized by Adobe Creative Cloud; users no longer need to export the files to edit and download them again.

User History : Allows users to view a list of all recently viewed areas in Sky

Full Navigation Links : Allows navigation to all approved and authorized applications, ie Hootsuite

E-mails, landing pages, excerpt, forms and file lists: users can search. and take massive action on all the strengths of the Design Studio.

Why We Should Care

Following the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe in 2018, it is clear in this release that the company will continue to invest to create a solution. sets for traders. Marketo users can look forward to new additions to the platform that will help increase team efficiencies and reduce the gap between marketing teams and their channel partners. the creation

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