Prepare to say goodbye to your average position in Google Ads on September 30

We knew this was about to happen. Now we know when. Google announced Monday that it would start losing the average position metric starting the week of September 30th.

Why We Should Care

Google announced in February that its average position would disappear earlier this year. We have about six weeks to fully absorb the impact of the change and update any report, rule or script using an average position.

According to Google, advertisers should move to using the position metrics – optimal impression rates for searches and absolute impression rates for absolute searches – introduced Last year These show the percentage of impressions and impression sharing that your ads have received in absolute slots (the first at the top of the page) and at the top of the page (at the top of the page). above organic results).


The following functions will be disabled as of the week of September 30th: Rules using the average position, Custom columns using the average position, Saved reports filtering the average position, Filters saved with the average position .The average position will be removed from all backups. Column sets, saved reports that use the average position column, but do not filter on it, and scorecards that use the average position in the dashboards. Also note that the {adposition} ValueTrack parameter will start returning an empty string the week of September 30th. Related Reading: Frederick Vallaeys rethinks auction strategies and position metrics with no average position.

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