New Nielsen Service Provides Advertising Information to Podcast Users

Marketing Research Firm Nielsen has launched a service to provide podcasting networks with information about their audiences, such as preferences of gender and buying habits. The data comes from Nielsen's bi-annual podcast survey of 30,000 people

How does it work? Networks can subscribe to the new Nielsen podcast listeners' power purchase service to include their podcasts in the survey, which includes questions about gender preferences, plans purchase, podcasts and other consumer and auditor behaviors.

The survey is conducted with a random sample of 30,000 Americans. At the launch of the service, customers include iHeartMedia, Cadence13, Midroll, Westwood One and Cabana.

Why we should care. In 2018, US advertisers spent a record $ 479 million in podcast ads. According to the IAB, this figure is expected to exceed one billion dollars by 2021.

Advertising on podcasts has been slowed by the lack of information provided by listeners, which which has made it difficult to target an audience and measure the return on investment. Although Spotify has made some progress in allowing advertisers to target listeners of some genres, the audience information available to advertisers is still far behind what other more mature digital media offer. .

"Nielsen's podcast power purchase service makes it easier for advertisers in a specific genre to target listeners with interests and buying habits that match those of customers that they wish to achieve, "said Cathy Csukas, Co Founder and CEO of Cabana. Although Nielsen's service does not provide real-time data and the sample size is relatively small (by comparison, 32% of Americans aged 12 and over listened to a podcast last month , according to Edison Research), it provides more information to podcast networks that they can use to attract advertisers.

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