Need some holiday heat? The Lively Narrative of this Nervous Elven Announcement Reaches Pixar

There are usually two approaches to creating a globally appealing commercial. The least interesting (but most common) way is simply to remove all the details and unique elements until they are stylized to the point of becoming generic universally.

But the best commercials in the world tell a universal story, which anyone on Earth can follow and appreciate. And that's what the Manor department store and the BETC agency have accomplished with the brand's holiday location for 2018.

Building on the magical world created for the 2017 retailer's advertising , which you can see below, the new Gift, "shows a young boy who marvels in front of Santa Claus and his elves who are preparing toys for Christmas.

Instead of asking the most extravagant toy that such a fantastic factory could manufacture, it is more interested in a

The spot was produced by Passion Paris and directed by the collective AgainstAllOdds, the team behind several of the most popular cartoons of advertising around the world. AgainstAllOdds worked on the 2015 Spanish lottery, Justino, which won the 2016 Cannes Lions Cyber ​​Grand Prix. More recently, you may have noticed their work on this incredibly sexy Mr. Clean advertisement.

This year's advertisement is a direct continuation of last year's Manor vacation spot by the same animation team. In this advertisement, which featured the client a little more directly, the puzzling drawing of a young boy expressing his wish for Christmas put the North Pole in total panic while he was trying to understand what was going on. 39, he really wanted:

more enjoyable than the new slice, the 2017 spot lacked any real sense of closure or fulfillment, but the iteration of 2018 largely offsets this conclusion by a pleasant conclusion for all participants.


Client: Manor
Client Management:
Stéphane Maquaire – General Manager of the Manor
Sandra Kottenauer – Director of the Brand , Manor
Jennifer Frame – Head of Non-Food Communication, Manoir

Agency: BETC
Nathalie Jacquier
Charlotte Picq
Elodie Monsallier
Creative Director, Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: David Soussan and Marie -Eve Schoettl
Co-Writer: Nathalie Dupont –
Artistic Director: Francis de Ligt and Fanny Branger (Assistant Director DA)
Circulation: Alexandra Chini
Television Producer: David Brakha –

Production: Passion Paris –
Director: AgainstAllOdds

Sound Production: Schmooze –
Composer: Sanjiv Sen

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