Meet EmailDNA – The Evolution of E-mail

For over 18 years, Return Path has been evolving with the email industry, creating new solutions and helping our customers solve their biggest messaging problems. Over time, we have accomplished a lot, but we are not done yet. We continue to evolve with every new innovation and product offering. We are constantly rethinking e-mails, looking for new ways to leverage our unique data set to create better solutions for our customers.

Today, I am delighted to present EmailDNA .

What is EmailDNA?
The foundation of every Return Path product and solution is data, sophisticated analytics, and constant innovation. We refer to this unique blend of fundamental elements as EmailDNA.

Return Path uses the industry's most comprehensive messaging data set, as well as our advanced analytics capabilities, to solve real-world marketing problems, from the most common to the most complex. Our best-performing data team pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to create solutions that harness the power of our unparalleled data set. The result: e-mail marketing products that go beyond surveillance to deliver workable solutions.

With contributions from more than 80 mailbox and security providers representing 3.5 billion email accounts, EmailDNA brings together the world's most comprehensive data source of email to solve business problems. unique and innovative marketing. With EmailDNA, we transform messaging data into messaging solutions.

Come celebrate with us
If you are in the New York area, joins us at our head office to celebrate EmailDNA positioned to change the email marketing game. The event includes a discussion on the role of data analysis in email marketing and on the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of email, with the special speaker .

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EmailDNA relies on our unique and complete dataset, but Return Path data is only part of the story. To put our own evolution in the context of the great world events, we have created a new infographic, A History of Data Analysis on the Way Back .

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