Martech Vendors and Retail Marketers Share Martech's Predictions for Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, retailers and ecommerce platforms are revisiting their stacks of martech to support 48-hour digital marketing campaigns this year an event. The martech industry is buzzing with data-driven predictions about how consumers engage with brands. while analyzing key strategies that will help retailers outperform their competitors during what should be one of the biggest days in the history of online retail.

Below, we have compiled some of the most important predictions and insights into the evolving role of martech during Prime Minister Amazon's day this year.

Mobile eclipses desktop conversions

. ] Salesforce predicts high mobile conversion rates, based on a study of a single data set of 500 million purchases and 1.4 billion site visits. According to its Amazon Prime Day 2019 News and Predictions report, mobile device orders are expected to reach 49%, with 66% of visits coming from mobile devices, an increase of 5% for both indicators. Salesforce also noted that in the first quarter of this year, mobile shopping for laptops was outpacing for the first time among the cohort of the study.

Source: News and Forecasts of the Salesforce Amazon Prime Day 2019: What Retailers Can Expect from the Cyber ​​Week of the Summer

Adobe also plans to good mobile performance, but its mobile data rates are significantly lower than those of Salesforce. Adobe's research indicates that smartphones account for one in three dollars already spent online, with the majority of consumers opting for the office to carry out their transactions. The first day of Adobe's forecasts, based on a daily income model based on the analysis of more than a trillion US retail site visits, do not predict that the mobile will be the first choice of consumers before the end of 2020.

Despite the disparity, the two suppliers of martech tell us that our customers will only continue to turn more and more towards mobile. The mobile is not the future, it is the reality nowOur digital marketing strategies must constantly take into account in the experiences we deliver – all year, not just the first day .

Personalization of e-mail offers performance gains

According to the Bluecore Bluecore Retail E-mail Reference Report 2010 (registration required ), which has reviewed more than 3 billion emails from more than 400 retailers over the past year. but can also promote customer loyalty.

The analysis of the difference between single e-mail shipments, which can be either static – the same for all recipients – or dynamic, which modifies the content, such as the product recommendations and personalized offers. According to available customer data, Bluecore found that personalized emails were reporting retailers a 57% increase in revenue by email.

Source: Bluecore – E-Commerce Benchmarking Report in 2019

Consumers more likely to engage in compliant e-mail content to their interests and preferences – usually self-reported data or personal data – and the use of personalization features will help your brand stand out in the cluttered inboxes of consumers during Prime Day.

Adobe agrees that e-mail marketers who prioritize delivering the best messaging experiences will arrive earlier this year; According to their research, e-mail campaigns resulted in an 8.8% increase in orders over the First Day of 2018.

Customer acquisition is essential, but the retention remains the rule

Offers and discounts will be numerous The first day, the number of consumers who have chosen to receive emails in the hope of making big savings will do the same. Bluecore data indicates that unsubscribe rates for welcome e-mails and post-purchase e-mails are excessively high.

Source: Bluecore 2019 Reference Report on Retail E-Mails

"Short-term and long-term." However, brands no longer have to "win" in the short run After reaching buyers over a day or a record season, brands must seek to build customer loyalty and customer loyalty over the long term, "said John Nash, CMO of the Redpoint Global Customer Data Platform.

"Amazon could for example acquire new Prime members because of the hype around Prime Day – focusing on" impulsive marketing "offering great experiences. discounted purchase in July – based After years of analyzing customer data to offer more personalized product experiences and product suggestions, "Nash added.

Online marketers who notice this trend in their subscribers during pivotal periods like Amazon Prime Day and Cyber ​​Week should keep it at the forefront of their marketing efforts by email. We know that consumers are responding positively to customization and incorporating custom elements into your welcome campaigns and post-purchase e-mails will encourage these subscribers to stay active and engage – and could reduce your churn rate to help your business retain these new customers.

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