LinkedIn is updating the Homepage of Sales Navigator to focus on alerts

The LinkedIn home page has been refreshed. The business prospecting platform also benefits from new messaging features, enhanced keyword search functionality, new custom list management methods, and additional integrations.

More attention to alerts. The latest news from this latest update of the Sales Navigator platform is that the home page is changing from a news feed format to an alert system. .

"Even though its appearance is very different, all the most used features of the old news feed remain," writes LinkedIn's vice president of product management, Doug Camplejohn, "You will continue to see the types of alerts you expect from the Sales Browser and some recently added alerts.

New alerts added show to user:

When a prospect is associated with your company's publications.If an account has just collected money .If a colleague shared a personalized list.

Home page alerts also suggest actions and include buttons in the alert. move on to the next step. LinkedIn has added new alert filters and the ability to pause and resume specific alert types.

Enhanced messaging features. Now, when a user sends a message to a contact via Sales Navigator, he sees the history of his conversations with that contact. The platform has recently added message filtering options and more visibility around "Icebreaker" message suggestions and InMail credits. Additionally, when sending an invitation to log in via Sales Navigator, login confirmations appear in Sales Navigator and

Improvements in keyword search. LinkedIn improves keyword search speed on the platform and adds a new "guided search" feature that offers automatic suggestions for search queries. According to LinkedIn, search is the most widely used feature in Sales Navigator.

Custom list features. Sales Navigator introduced custom lists last November, which allows you to create custom lists for leads and registered accounts. With this latest release, users will be able to bulk add and delete tracks and accounts in a custom list of "My Saved Tracks" and "My Saved Accounts" pages. (There is also an option to mass-group tracks and recorded accounts.)

New integrations. Lucidchart Sales Solution, a visual mapping tool for Salesforce, is LinkedIn's latest SNAP partner. It allows users to identify InMail prospects and prospects via the context of their Lucidchart account maps.

LinkedIn also announced a new dynamic flowchart feature associated with its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. "This new experience allows you to create an organizational chart of all accounts registered in Dynamics 365 for Sales," wrote Camplejohn.

Why we should care Knowing the full range of features offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps marketing and martech teams add value to their sales organization. It's often up to the martech team members to ensure that employees get the most out of the tools available – getting a sneak peek at the latest Sales Navigator updates helps everyone get the most out of their technology investment.

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