It turns out that groups kicked out by Facebook for content violations were in fact being hacked

On Wednesday, a red thread from Reddit drew attention to the fact that the parameters of many Facebook groups have been changed to "secret". This article has generated over 450 comments. that many groups have been attacked by a spammer posting a content violation that has resulted in their removal by Facebook. Group administrators did their best to avoid the problem by switching their group's privacy settings to "secret."

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Marketing Land that he had in fact mistakenly removed a number of Facebook groups. but was working to solve the problem.

"We deleted several Facebook groups after detecting content that violated our policies. Since then, we have discovered that this content has been posted to sabotage legitimate and non-violent groups. We are working to restore all affected groups and prevent this from happening again, "said a spokesman for Facebook.

Why We Should Care

Marketers Who Manage A Group As Part of Their The Facebook Strategy Must Review Content Within The Group To Make Sure That # 39, it does not contain abusive or extremist content that violates the standards of the Facebook community. This problem should also serve as a warning that groups are just as likely to be hacked as any other platform owned and that they should be monitored accordingly.

With Facebook making these groups the focus of its application, the platform offers marketers a powerful tool for organic engagement with their followers. But it takes time and effort to create the number of members and retain a group, and the last thing a brand wants to see is that its group is removed without fault on its part.

Even worse, a hacked group publishing offensive and spammed content can significantly damage the brand's reputation when members of the group receive extremist or abusive content. As with any other aspect of your brand's social network management, key directors in your group stay abreast of discussions within their group.

More news about the news

Facebook currently has tens of millions of active groups. on Facebook and over 400 million uses belonging to a group. During this month's F8 developer conference, Facebook has introduced a new custom activity feed into the tab Groups, as well as a redesigned tab for easier search in the application. Facebook has also launched a new discovery tool that recommends groups based on the interest of their users. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told F8: "Groups are at the heart of the business. experience, "and Facebook then confirmed that users could start seeing more content from the groups to which they belong. in their news thread.

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