Is the link dead? Depends on who you are talking about

Of course, link building was plagued by a plethora of black hat type tactics such as link farms, link systems paid hidden links and spammed content. But after Google introduced updates to the Penguin algorithm in 2012 to suppress these tactics, the focus was on white hat techniques and quality content.

But that does not mean that the debate on creating links is over. Some referents believe that any form of proactive linking is at best a waste of time and at worst a violation of the policy. And some say that this should be a valuable and legitimate part of any SEO strategy. So what is it?

The Quality Content Argument

A common but controversial attitude toward building links is summed up in this tweet, which quotes Managing Director Ryte Marcus Tandler's Speech at the SEO Fight Club at SMX Munich.

Link building is a waste of time. Instead of wasting your time creating links, spend some time writing better content and focusing on the user experience and user intent. @mediadonis #SMX

– Patrick Stox (@patrickstox) April 3, 2019

"Of course, this quote from my presentation of 66 slides could be quite deceiving. -being even dangerous, "Tandler told Search Engine Land afterwards, reminding us that the shades of link building did not lend themselves easily to Twitter.

" L & # 39 old SEO tips for writing content for users rather than for search engines also apply to link building. Do not build links as this could generate some "SEO value". Create links that drive targeted traffic to your site. "

In his session, Tandler referred to spam generated by link building practices as well as later metrics PageRank of" arbitrary "who blur the line between what works and what does not work"

Tandler invoked the definitions and quotes from SEO personalities, John Mueller, Matt Cutts and .] Jono Alderson to support his position that any link not provided organically violates, by definition, the Google Webmaster's guidelines.

Mueller's Response to a Webmaster Help Center Question from the forum regarding creating your own backlinks .

In addition to highlighting the carac oxymoron bonds construction quality, it also mentions the viability of other techniques, such as internal binding.

"If your team has limited resources (or perhaps the entire SEO team), I would advise you to devote time to the creation of your own." really great content, rather than creating links, "recommends Tandler.

"Invest time to provide a superior user experience and be obsessed with matching the intentions of the user. The ultimate goal should be to actually provide the best result. You must always aspire to be an authority in your respective field. Stop creating links and start winning!

The Argument of Organic Visibility

Many Proponents of Practice Cite the Need to Create Links to Separate Content in niches of high competition.

"The problem with a lot of content is that no one sees it. If you do not socialize or communicate directly with you, you miss out on many link opportunities, "said Julie Joyce, owner of link development company Link Fish Media.

"Recently, I got an excellent link for a client after contacting a blogger in the same niche and reporting to him content that, in my opinion, would fit perfectly with an article that he had already, and he thanked me. When someone says, "Hey, thank you for sending this!", You realize how easy it is for people to miss out on it.

Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance-Link, also disagrees with focusing too narrowly on the content.

] "In the creation of links, quality content can be used as a" hook "or a tool to attract attention and create connections, but that is not enough," she said.

"Your quality content will not produce the desired result if it is not promoted with a combination of tactics aimed at influencing behavior." This is where a lot of Link building campaigns fail, time is spent on content creation, but there is little question of where to market and to whom. "

Joyce and Mastaler agreed that this link was the same. construction is both a technique and an investment.

"Content, ads, goods, and services are all distributed by links, the combination of these forces means that building links has a significant impact on pages and people, making it a good investment in time and money, "said Mastaler. 19459004 19459005 This is not black and white 19459004 19459157 This is not black and white link building totally condemning.

"There are many very talented link builders who can create links that seem perfectly natural. There are also many very creative agencies that create beautiful magnetic links, "he said. "Aside from companies that understand the value of excellent SEO and invest large sums of money, there are hundreds of thousands of companies, what about be it one-man shows, local shops or restaurateurs. the big bodies that pursue a low-budget SEO approach. "

On the other side of the line, Joyce said:" Sites can rank without great links, but generally you will never find sites consistently ranking in the top 10, even the top 20, results. "

As marketers, we are often responsible for brand awareness or reaching specific KPIs on limited resources." The effectiveness of these resources is at the heart of this decades-long conversation, which is sometimes revived through updates to algorithms, correlative studies, and reputable SEO tweets.

When this happens, the discussion itself may obscure the relatively modest purpose of a link – not to impose a ranking of searches, but to provide users with the context and resources they are looking for.

"If a link to my site generates targeted traffic, ideally with a long pass time and multiple page impressions per visit, I consider it a good link, "said Ta ndler.

"Like I love saying," The links help you rank yourself, but the clicks show that you deserve to be there, "Mastaler said.

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