In old: clever solutions to rearrange your content for maximum impact

Unique, innovative, new, captivating, original – it's too often asked marketers and creative people to approach content creation across the boundaries of these platitudes. While your brand may become what it is, pursuing these ideas with each piece of content may mean that you are not maximizing the once-convincing content that you've already invested – not to mention the burden imposes on your team and your creative budget.

"Marketers are often focused on the next content they need to produce, and they can either use all their creative skills or be at the bottom of the idea. Stoney deGeyter, vice president of research and advertising for the Karcher group, says the burner.

"It's also easy to believe that more content will solve all your organic problems. However, reusing content is by far the smartest technique to get value for money and keep your content / SEO team from burnout, "says Katie Pennell, Content and SEO Manager at Nina Hale Performance Digital. .

Recycled content may not be as brilliant as forward-thinking content marketing, but it can be effective and economical. Pennell and deGeyter will discuss the benefits of content reuse and the application of a multi-dimensional approach to both creation and preservation at our SMX Advanced conference June 4 and 5 in Seattle. They will also discuss multichannel strategies that can maximize the reach of your content and the impact of your campaign.

Left: Katie Pennell, Head of Content and Senior SEO at Nina Hale Performance Digital. Right: Stoney deGeyter, Vice President of Research and Advertising at The Karcher Group.

With over thirty years of experience in marketing, deGeyter and Pennell have explained why they think that reorientation is an underrated strategy, as well as some of the ways in which marketers can make. take advantage of the momentum of their existing content.

Whether it is B2B or B2C, many people think that new content is better. What methods do you use to breathe new life into reused content?

"Understanding each channel, from audiences to best practices in content, should guide the content you publish," says Pennell. "The reuse could then be the length, the tone, the type of asset that accompanies the text (if any). These changes are often sufficient to keep the content fresh. Updating with new information or adding a specific topical angle can also be a powerful way to make older and newer evergreen content. "

" If the content is reused in a new medium or for a new audience, DeGeyter agrees that "it assumes we are not trying to take the lazy way but reuse it with a [goal] and a plan of excellence. "

" What are the most important mistakes to avoid when it comes to reallocating content "I think the biggest mistake I'm personally guilty of is phoning reused content," admits DeGeyter. "Not only do I not want to do something original, but I look for the simplest possible solution by recycling. We need to use reassignment as a shortcut to create new, exciting and awesome content, not a way to spread something of little value.

How would you approach the reuse of multimedia content?

About the reuse of audio content such as podcasts, Pennell advises: "The inclusion of a transcription is a good practice when it comes to SEO. Once you have the transcript, you essentially have an entire article waiting to be edited. This can then be turned into social messages, email content, and potentially transform articles later. "

" Videos look like podcasts, but often require a little more clairvoyance the essential of the asset. Entering the shoot with an idea of ​​the channels and uses of the video helps the budget of the video to go further. "

When it comes to making the most of multimedia content, Pennell suggests asking yourself the following questions:" Do you need a shorter video for the social media? What about pre-roll ads? Are you dealing with a larger procedure that could be divided into smaller and more specific tips? By knowing all this, you will get the necessary lines and plans to make each edit possible. "

The content of social media is generally shorter, is there a way to reuse it?

" Take something small and enlarge it Each book started as an idea, and a tweet can easily form the basis of a 1,000-word blog post, "says deGeyter.

Pennell's advice is based on the same principle : "You should use social media to understand what your audience is interested in from a post-engagement perspective, as well as seeking feedback and DM through additional content opportunities." Use metrics to understand the most successful topics can provide guidance on the priority of topics to focus on first, "adding that" social media posts that resonate can then be expanded to create blo g, evergreen site pages or even just an e-mail subject. line tests. "

Content marketers, strategists, and creatives can learn even smarter ways to create and reuse content in the Pennell and Geyter sessions at SMX Advanced. Check out the full agenda of SMX Advanced and register today.

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