How to classify cannabis content: A deep dive into SEO

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The cannabis industry exploded in the United States in 2018 and 2019. Dispensaries, new products, growth supplies and research are gaining ground.

The fact that the legal framework This almost daily change does not prevent investors, researchers and entrepreneurs from investing in this rising market.

Paid advertising is difficult or impossible for many cannabis-related products because of the conditions of service of many commercials.

Google's organic traffic and SEO is the new best friends of the cannabis industry.

By winning the positions at the top of the ranking, growth opportunities will be valuable as the market emerges and SEO will become more competitive.

The best time to invest in SEO is now. This article describes a content marketing framework – not just for cannabis businesses.

I will explain the process of keyword research and content creation for SEO using a practical example and highlighting many detailed information for the selection of keywords, the intention of research. and preview of the page.

Cannabis is on the rise

The two main products of the growing cannabis market are marijuana and industrial hemp. Today, many Americans have access to legal marijuana – medical or recreational.

Business Insider reports:

"Eleven states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes for adults over 21 years of age. And 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. "

A recent study published by Grand View Research revealed that:

" The size of the US legal marijuana market was estimated at $ 7.06 billion in 2016 and is expected to Compound annual growth (CAGR) will be 24.9% from 2017 to 2025. (…) The global legal marijuana market is expected to reach $ 146.4 billion by the end of 2025. "

Disclaimer: Cannabis with the test of time Referencing

Before setting up an SEO strategy, check the conditions of service of your platform and your Web hosting.

Make sure your business lasts by selecting vendors that allow edgy content. This also includes payment providers.

It could also mean switching to an international supplier.

Why Cannabis Love SEO

I created a content article for an e-commerce store in my previous agency. The store sells growing supplies for small indoor productions.

This "very useful" skyscraper feeds the top of the funnel with visitors:

This article was created based on the principles outlined in this article.

Understanding SEO Opportunities

A detailed search on keywords will discover where everything is.

Below is an example of data for cannabis, marijuana, hemp, CBD, tinctures and seeds.

This will give you an idea of ​​the huge search possibilities and the general increase in search volume.

A nice tour of Tim Soulo Ahrefs uses the content explorer of his tool and defines the reference areas (below 5). You'll find creative content ideas categorized without a lot of links – add them to your keyword search.

Investigate in more detail some keywords.

An interesting target keyword would be "cannabis tincture" with a keyword difficulty of only 13/100, although search traffic has been increasing for years:

This keyword primarily deals with e-commerce stores with transactional modifiers, such as "buy online". , "Price", "best", etc. But it could also be an excellent educational tool or skyscraper.

However, for the purposes of this exercise, let's dive deeper into the world of cannabis dyeing.

A comment on this keyword indicates moves and changes in top positions, even in the last 12 months – a great opportunity for your website to rank equally.

It also reveals that Google also ranks. pages that are optimized for "cannabis tincture", as well as for "marijuana tincture". So if we look at the "Marijuana Tincture" chart, we see a similar result.

This means that Google understands that "cannabis tincture" and "marijuana box cture" both have the same research intent.

In this case, I conclude: a group of target keywords per page and a page per group of target keywords. This avoids cannibalization of keywords and competition between multiple pages for the same keyword.

Remember: the selection of keywords in 2019 is not as detailed as before. I would like to create an item for both queries to avoid cannibalizing keywords.

When you compete with millions of pages on the web for the top three positions, why cannibalize and compete with yourself?

When choosing keywords I suggest to look at the following content possibilities:

Average monthly search and trend over time.Interest search: does the keyword match your service / product? Page 1: Positioning Changes in Successful Websites.Basic Authority and Page Ranking Pages

How to Choose Target Keywords Based on Difficulty

What Keyword Problem Is the Right Difficulty for your website ?

Yes, bottom it's better (easier), and if you have a brand new website, stick to it under 10.

But if you have a well established website, here is my tip for finding the trouble with the keywords that you will be able to succeed. rank for quickly.

Create a ranking report, filter rankings between 1 and 10 (or 1 and 5 if you have a lot of keywords used successfully).

Then put this list of keywords in "Keyword Explorer" (for example, Ahrefs or similar). , export and calculate the average difficulty of the keywords.

In this case, the website contains more than 900 keywords listed on page 1. The average difficulty of the keywords is 28. This means that I can easily choose a difficulty ranging up to

Content Planning & Contouring Pages for Cannabis SEO

From here you can start planning a page layout and related articles.

Tools such as Answer The Public allow you to identify relevant questions that users have around the topic of your choice.

And while this visualization is fun to watch, be sure to download the CSV file, which contains more than 400 questions. Plug them into your keyword tool to find those whose search volume is relevant:

Ahrefs also offers a 'question' section in the keyword explorer for even more of a 'search'. ideas.

You can use these keywords and these ideas. to build sections in your page layout.

Here is an example of a plan for your guide to cannabis:

H1: All you need to know about cannabis tincture

H2: Cannabis tincture effects

H2: Advantages of the dyeing of cannabis

H3: Tincture of cannabis to relieve pain

H3: Tincture of cannabis to cure cancer

H2 : Side effects of cannabis tincture [1945900]]

Link to relevant articles

The key word "how to make cannabis tincture" would be a good complementary article .

It allows to create internal links with your main site. piece, while it covers a different target audience who seeks DYI Solutions instead of buying a prepared tincture.

When they examine the top 3 results, they all cover the topic "How to" in the main room.

It depends on your target audience and how important is the keyword "how to" for you, whether you want to invest in a new room – or just add a section.

Ideally, you will want to create 3-5 support articles when you cover a new topic or category of keywords. This will allow you to build the silo and create relevancy – and they are also excellent backlink goals.

For the tincture of cannabis, the following items could be:

How to make cannabis tincture Marijuana tincture recipeHow to use it?

And do not forget to optimize your store category page for transactional modifiers such as "buy online".

Number of Words, Variants, and Page Elements

We have now created a content plan for four articles: a main article on dyes and three ancillary articles.

For each of these articles, you will want to search for relevant questions and describe the page with the help of digital titles.

We now want to give our page an overview of the latest edits. I use Page Optimizer Pro, which uses statistical relevance to compare my page to high performing websites.

By analyzing the 5 best results, I see that the target word count for this page is 1,657 words.

We can update the outline of the page by using the recommendations of the page relating to the referencing of the target keyword. This turns an editorial briefing based on the interest of users into a briefing targeting Google's needs. Basically, a redesign of your friendly content for SEO.

This tool also extracts variants and contextual keywords and creates the same SEO recommendations on the page.

The relevant variants of my target keyword are:

cannabistincturetincture cannabisthcmarijuana tincturethc tincturtincture of

are semantically related keywords :.

tincturesoverviewasalegal infoleaflyloungessocialsocial loungesidoilfaqsdispensariesbuttereventslegalstepstatealcoholcannabis tincturesdataimageeffectnewseverythingwantrecipeinfolargefinedaysthcasignaddgramslikeactioncannabutterglasscheeseclothknowmadefinal

l & # 39; tool also provides insight on the & # 39; Use page elements such as images, videos and lists

Start writing content of SEO for the Cannabis Industry

We have everything we need to create a content item based on:

Keyword Research Based on Data.The Intention to the user and the type of content required .Stat Relevant ranking factors from a critical point of view, including keywords and the number of words.

It only remains to write 1,657 words of high quality content.

Now, it's up to you!

Try to apply some of these advanced content tricks to create new content that will appeal to both Google and its users.

More Resources:

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