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With a social media engagement rate of less than 0.1%, networks displaying more ads than ever and a declining organic social visibility, the media Social issues do not seem to be the lucrative marketing channel that it was before.

However, the number of users increases, customers use the social to interact with brands and, more importantly, the social influences purchase decisions.

What does this tell us?

While the reach of social media may be declining, your customers still rely on these platforms to help them find information and connect with brands.

This tells us that we must know how to reach them in a landscape that works against us. We need to make social work different for us.

It starts in part with the content itself.

How to give our audience something that interests them, that stands out, that

We add context.

As a user, one of my biggest frustrations is to click on a link only to feel disappointed with the content itself.

Because of this, I am more reluctant to click on the links.

However, if I understood the content even before opening it, it is extremely useful.

The big advantage is that it can be done through images, extended updates, videos, formatting, and so on.

Let's dive in.

1. Going Beyond the Title

It's simple: copy the title of the message and run it in a social update. It's pretty easy, right?

The problem is that it can be so boring! In most cases, it does not sell the message and certainly does not encourage users to click.

Instead of simply sharing the title, let us consider the following:

What it is all about A quote shared in the piece or phrase catching your attention, use reminders in your update.


Statistics are a great way to make a point and / or support an idea. In addition, they tend to attract people's attention.

Do you have a statistic in your content that intrigues? Use it in your social updates.

Challenges / Solutions

Does your content solve the problem of someone? Then go with that.

Tell your audience what the challenge is and how your content helps solve it.

If you take a lot of pictures on iOS, using these .HEIC files on Windows can be painful. Here is the best way to convert them: ([19459007):Lifehacker(@lifehacker)28may2019


One of my favorite content tactics, especially those with longer content, is to include takeaway delivery for your readers. It appeals important points to the reader and ensures that even the most lazy readers can leave with something.

The same applies to social updates. Do not hesitate to focus on the points to remember.

Difficulty between keywords: How to determine your chances of ranking in Google [nice breakdown here by @ahrefs]]

– Casie Gillette (@Casieg) May 22, 2019

Do you want any other tips on writing the perfect social media update?

I would recommend this Post Planner article that looks at everything from optimal length to passive voice and public messaging.

2. Making better use of images

This may seem obvious.

However, in my opinion, images are the key to social success.

After all, we know that users remember images over words and colors can attract much better attention than black and white.

The problem I see is that we are often lazy in our selection of images. I know that I am certainly guilty of this.

We capture an image or image of the featured blog and call it a day.

How to use images to add context to our social updates?

Here are some ideas.

Use your words

Do not forget how I just said to use quotation marks / takeaways / statistics in your updates ? Take these and turn them into pictures.

This is a great way to attract people's attention and provide additional information for your update.

Adding a Motion

] A few months ago, I came across an Instagram advertisement Cotapaxi that I absolutely adored. Of course, I can not find the exact ad, but it looks a lot like this:

Bright, bold and awesome, our Teca Windbreaker is back in 16 new limited edition colors. Express yourself with your favorite color combination:[19459007_revend19459008hoCotopaxi(@cotopaxi)13February2019

Cotapaxi sells clothes and these coats come in a variation colours.

How can you show your audience these variations in an update?

With a GIF!

GIFs are fun, they grab attention, and with technology, their creation has never been easier.

Tools such as Gifox, ezGif and Giphy are free and easy to use.

Add a voice

Want to give your users a glimpse of what they are going to get?

Why not talk to them directly?

Brie Anderson, director of digital marketing at WSU Tech recently published a summary of the conference … as a video:

had a great time at #dskc and learned a secret about "proving value" to customers ..


Here's a hint: it's the least favorite subject of people. #marketing

– Brie E. Anderson (@brie_e_anderson) May 20, 2019

What I like about this post, it's that it fascinates me. He tells me about the conference and what I should know about it.

In reality, this could be done for any type of content and this could be done directly from your phone.

Just like GIF images do not have to be difficult and even subtitles can be created for free.

Tell a Story

The images allow us to tell a story that we could tell. not otherwise be able to say. Take, for example, those Facebook ads that Chanel aired on Mother's Day:

It's quite possible that one of the best FB ads for Mother's Day I saw . Congratulations to Chanel for capturing the essence of the upcoming vacation and @PPCHartman for spotting this ad.

– Akvile DeFazio (@AkvileDeFazio) May 7, 2019

No word could capture the feeling that these ads bring. They are cute. They tell a story. And we know exactly what they are used for.

Use your images to go beyond normal. Use them to tell the story you want to tell.

Did you know

The web moves quickly, the same ones too. Kermit, none of my stuff, in Sad Keanu, you never know what you might meet.

Though stupid, memes can be a great way to add context to your social updates. But, as for all things, do not jump on a meme for the pleasure of jumping on it. Make sure it works for your brand.

3. Use Your White Space

One thing I noticed more recently is the extensive social updates, put that take up more space but do not necessarily include more words.

Here is an example:

So many good tips in this post: https: //

1) Favicons are based on a subdomain (not a URL)
2) Google chooses the largest provided < link rel=”icon” >
3) A URL to check which Google icon has indexed: (replace your domain) Restructured19459007 139More via @yvoschaap yBehZxIWzs

– Cyrus (@CyrusShepard) June 3, 2019

What I like about these extended updates is that they allow you to give more information to your subscribers about what you share without too many people. They feel determined.

Tips for Creating Extensive Updates:

Use Emojis

Emoji can help you make a point much easier the words. They are also distinguished.

Let's say you are going to list 3 items. Use the emoji digits instead of just writing the digits 1,2,3. It does the same thing but draws a little more eye.

What technological trends are impacting #ContentMarketing at this time?
The artificial intelligence is
πŸŽ™οΈ The voice search takes over
Mind the lack of skills
🌟 Do not forget the old golden days
Here's how you get there adapt >>>
by @davidhartshorne

– SEMrush (@semrush) June 4, 2019

Know the network

If you plan to create extensive updates, do not forget that Facebook and LinkedIn will cut your update. Put your most important information at the beginning and pay attention to the length.

End with hashtags

Regardless of the network you are publishing, if you plan to create an extended update, move your hashtags to the top. at the end.

Although hashtags can be beneficial for searching and adding context, they can bring up a cluttered update.

Come on, get moving!

Social media is becoming more and more difficult, but that does not mean that there is no value.

When you start planning your next set of updates, think about how you can use it. Some tips mentioned above to add more context and boost engagement.

Do not forget that you do not have to do everything on this list, but try to test different elements to find the one that best suits your audience. You never know what you might discover.

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