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"How much do you pay?"

As an SEO content writer working primarily with SEO agencies, I'm used to having this question. And no matter my answer, the answers always remind me a little of the story of Goldilocks …

"This price is too cheap."

"This price is too high."

"This price is absolutely right."

This is usually a dramatic twist – which often makes me wonder if we all know the true value of excellent SEO content or if I simply charge too much.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to ask the following question: "How much do you pay for great SEO content?" To a group of over 40,000 members on Facebook SEO.

The Answers I Had

Mixed Opinions: What's an "Excellent" SEO Content?

The First Things That I noticed, it was that the speakers disagreed on what was considered "awesome" SEO Content.

While some stressed the need to "create a fully optimized content "Others have praised the sim a multiplicity of" spun "content that was then optimized by the SEO specialists themselves.

Some SEO specialists were waiting for that the content is ready to be published, while others accepted the tale naked requiring editing and optimization.

These mixed opinions sparked rather heated debate over whether SEO professionals were paying too much or not enough for the content.

Some have less forgiven the idea of ​​a $ 10 blog post, for example …

But, ultimately, most of the speakers agreed that the final product really mattered.

] A good SEO content is content that has been written with the user in mind and that has been optimized for search engines. However, the source of this content depends on a few factors.

Where to find good content writers referenced

Many reorientation professionals arrive at a point where they realize that, from the ROI point of view, writing SEO content themselves is not the best use of their time.

At this point, they are faced with the decision to outsource content or hire a copywriter internally.

the way of outsourcing, it can be difficult to know where to look.

Is Fiverr a good option? Facebook groups? Students? Retirees?

The options are almost endless.

Many options, different prices

Unfortunately, not all writers are equal.

Many contributors have complained about these problems. engage writers on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, get content from non-English speaking countries or hire industry experts with no writing skills.

Among the main sources listed to find great SEO writers include:

Niche Groups FacebookLinkedInColllege job boardsReferentials (within your network) Content Agencies

Nevertheless, all these sources display very different rates according to:

Content Quantity. Content Type. Author Experience. Level of optimization required.

And various other factors.

Some respondents mentioned rates as low as $ 0.02 per word and others up to $ 2 per word.

Fixed Market Rate?


One could say that the market sets the rate.

While the demand for excellent SEO content is increasing, writers who know their most agencies and businesses are willing to pay more.

At the same time, writers capable of producing a high volume of content can create a lucrative business for themselves – content to the agencies.

Quality or quantity – is it / or?

Variety therefore stems from the contrast between quality and quantity.

Some writers compete on quality, so they charge what agencies are willing to pay. Others are competitive on the price and see the interest of producing more content at a lower rate than their competitors.

While many respondents mentioned having found the ideal position of an inexpensive and high quality copywriter, some have warned. that these writers tend not to stay cheap very long.

Once they realize the prices charged by their competitors (and find the return on investment that they generate for their customers), they raise their prices.

The cost of excellent SEO content – depends on the goal sought

That is why many SEO professionals have concluded that what is wrong? they are willing to pay (as well as others) should be summed up in the results they hope to generate. this content.

They were willing to invest less money on content aimed primarily at attracting links or attracting the attention of search engines because it was harder to assign a monetary value to these gains.

Basically, why invest $$$ in the content if you do not have the intention of making money.

Content for a clear return on investment

However, others have reminded people that traffic or links are rarely the ultimate goal. SEO content. Most websites hope to generate leads and sales.

Therefore, if even a conversion by content was enough to offset the cost of the content, what was it worth to them? $ 2,000 in sales for a $ 150 blog post? An evidence.

That being said, some SEO professionals are willing to accept OK content knowing that they will have to edit it and optimize it themselves. It may not be worth it, but it may be worth it.

However, my question is:

Is the cost of one's own work more or less than what it would cost to hire a qualified writer? to begin?

No one was able to answer this question.

SEO Response: "How much do you pay for SEO content?"

$ 100 – $ 125 for 600-750 words .40 $ for 500 words. $ 5 to $ 10 per item. $ .10 – .20 per word. $ 35 per item. $ 02 per word. $ 4 per 100 words.

These are just a few of the many answers I have received. to my question, "How much do you pay for good SEO content?" Responses ranged from $ 0.02 per word to $ 2 per word.

Unfortunately, there was no clear answer to the majority to this question.

Some SEO professionals have insisted that it was pointless to pay the high price for SEO content, while others insisted that a writer SEO of great quality was worth its weight in gold.

Even some writers have turned to sharing how much they charge – or how much, according to them, other writers should charge.

Now, one might conclude that the real answer to this question (as most of the questions in the SEO space) is "It depends".

This may be true, to a certain extent. However, it is always useful to consider numbers to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

How to Budget Content for SEO

When you search for content for your customers, you need a proper estimate to not exceed the budget. Therefore, it is almost impossible to rely on a price structure based on value. You must know how much a writer charges by the door.

This makes investing in SEO content a little risky, especially if its price is high.

You & # 39; It is likely that you will charge your own fees on top of that, and you will not want to waste your client's money for content that will not produce results.

For these reasons, your research is worth doing. rate for different types of SEO content.

In my experience (supported by many survey respondents), the average rate for "excellent" SEO content tends to be between $ 0.08 and $ 20 per word.

However, it is not uncommon for authors to charge per page or per message – the main reason being that a piece of content must be as long as necessary to be effective.

Excellent SEO Content is an Investment

When I started writing SEO content, I charged $ 0.10 per word. It's because I had experience in the field, I knew how much I wanted to be paid, and how many other SEO writers were accusing.

I knew I did not want to be competitive. price basis. I wanted my value to be apparent. I wanted to generate concrete results for my clients. I knew my results had to justify the cost.

As I built my portfolio, the value I was providing became even more obvious.

"We did it on page 1 for 90,000 keyword volumes."

"Because of your article, someone wanted to introduce us to television. "

" This landing page brought us two leads this week "($ 2,000 value).

These results were collected via conversion tracking, testimonials of customers and self-reported leads generated by content.

Great SEO writers * typically * charge more

Soon, it became apparent that I would have to charge more. Generated for my clients were often valued at $ 1,000 or more.I charged about $ 100 per post.

My experience also taught me to evaluate which would be best for my services If their sole objective was "more traffic", was a pass S & # 39;. they wanted more links, leads, sales, and brand & # 39; opportunities, I & # 39; was on board.

Do the results justify the costs?

All that to say that it does not matter. what you spend on SEO content, you have to consider things in terms of return on investment. If you plan to generate thousands of dollars per prospect from a blog post, an investment of $ 300 does not seem so unreasonable.

Although it is possible to find this "ideal point" – high quality and inexpensive – these writers are so it is not the norm.

By opting for cheap content, you run the risk of receiving content that is spun, content that is not written for your target audience, or that is properly optimized.

At the same time, high-quality authors will likely charge more because they know how much their value is worth.

How to decide how much to invest in SEO content

With "expensive", it may seem that the stakes are more important – but the return could also be much higher than what you imagined.

The key is therefore to assess the risk and work with writers who have a good reputation for generating clear return on investment clients.

How much did you decide on The content of SEO content depends mainly on what you want to achieve with your content.

Then, you only need to find an author who can generate these results for you and determine if the potential gain is worth it. .

11 Tips for Finding Great Writers

Here are some tips for finding SEO writers that will generate results that justify your investment.

Reach Out to Your Network: I We strongly recommend that you contact your existing network to find writers with a history of proven results. It is even better to ask someone in your area to ask you what experience they have had to work with the writer and what results they have been able to generate. Talk directly to the writer: Many companies order content online without having direct conversation with the writer – and by "direct", I hear a phone call or a video conversation. Much can be lost in translation by e-mail or courier. As much as you are looking for a writer with the right skills, you want to make sure that it fits your character well. Communication is important Ask to see examples: Always ask to see examples of their work – especially works that relate to your niche. Just note that stealing content examples is a common practice online, so you do not always know what you're getting. If they can send you an example with their signature name, it's a safe bet. Search for case studies and reviews: Look for case studies or reviews on their website (if available). This will clearly show the type of results achieved by their customers. Evaluate their SEO skills: You can not expect your copywriter to be an SEO professional, but if you are looking for SEO. friendly content, they should at least know the basics. It should be asked some questions about their expertise or see an example of work related to SEO. Ask How They Measure Success: Many writers will not know how to answer this question, or will answer with something. like "more traffic". In reality, success can be measured in different ways and depends on what you, the client, want to achieve. A good SEO copywriter should be able to communicate this and, hopefully, speak in terms of ROI. Understanding their pricing structure: Not all writers charge for the word. In fact, it is becoming less and less common as targeting an arbitrary number of words often does not do justice to a subject. What they charge for the word, page or project, make sure you understand their pricing structure before investing. Know what's in their services: Some SEO copywriters include only the content and the H1 and H2. Keywords. Others include all the SEO on the page. Even further, some provide a keyword search or content planning. Ask what their services include and what needs to be provided by you. Are the modifications included ?: You must also know if the modifications and / or rewrites are included. Complete rewrites are rare, as writers essentially write a whole new piece without compensation. It is common for writers to offer a series of changes and / or a refund if they miss the mark. Know their repayment policy: Some writers offer refunds, others do not. Know it from the beginning (and write it down) before you get into trouble. Defining Expectations: The hiring of an editor is just like any other professional relationship to the extent that there are usually expectations right from the start. Know what you expect from you, make sure that they know what you expect from them and set a clear process for creating content together.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, opinions are divided on what constitutes "Content, and how much is great content.

In the end, it depends on how much you are willing to invest to get the desired results.

I recommend that you research your options, clearly outlining the expectations of your author from the beginning and establishing a clear communication relationship and mutual benefit.

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