How does this marketing specialist electrify energy? (CMY B2B Finalist)

Editor's Note : We share the ideas of the finalists of the marketing specialist of the year on the blog before we announce the winner to Content Marketing World in September. This is the first year that we will name the content marketing specialist of the year in two categories – B2B and B2C.

Corrado Paolucci strives to change the way people perceive the complex role of energy in the saga of climate change.

His work as content strategy and newsroom manager at Eni, a global energy company based in Italy, earned him a spot on the list of finalists for the company's content marketing program. In the year 2019 in B2B.

Why he caught our eye

Corrado leads the international storytelling team behind the company's content brand, Eniday, which explores the new frontiers of energy and the people who work every day to transform Earth's natural resources into energy.

The first day of its kind in the field of digital storytelling in Italy, Eniday combines sophisticated techniques of written and visual storytelling to inspire, educate and convince audiences that, as the tagline says, "the energy is a good story. "

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The challenge of a busy sector

Energy allows the world to stay connected, literally illuminating our lives and allowing us to accomplish most of our tasks faster and easier. However, responding to the global energy hunger is creating consequences and challenges today and in the future.

Eni, the largest multinational headquartered in Italy and one of the ten largest energy companies in the world, recognizes its role in this complex conversation.

"While the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2040, we feel responsible, as an international energy society, for helping to bring innovative and cleaner energy where it is needed," he said. said Claudio Descalzi, president and CEO of Eni, in a statement announcing the latest report on the sustainable development of the company.

The subject could strongly lean in favor of technology and science. But as any content marketing specialist knows, empirical science does not capture the attention, imagination, and admiration of people. It takes creative stories that engage on a human level.

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Using the Power of History to Tell the New History of Power

Congratulations to Eni for hiring a communications director with a background in journalism and appreciation of quality content and narration. When this director built his team and created the interactive multimedia platform, he hired Corrado as a management assistant.

A few years later, Corrado took on the roles of editor and chief strategist for the Eniday content hub, managing the internal team and building relationships with external contributors, including journalists; photographers; videographers; and experts in Big Data, Energy and Sustainability.

The interactive content they produce (available in English and Italian) mixes data and research with a good dose of creativity. Visual storytelling makes content entertaining, accessible, and appealing to a wide audience who care about the Earth.

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A recent Eniday article tells the story of fossil fuels through an engaging text dotted with a series of tapestry-shaped panels that distil the elements into striking and almost whimsical representations.

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Forging Energy Paths

Corrado grew up in a family of history buffs (his father is a journalist) and studied communication, advertising and creative direction at the University of Milan. Intrigued by the link between art and communication, he began telling stories through videos and photographs, and then writing. A strong advocate of lifelong learning, he is a Masters in Business Administration and General Management.

While he pushes himself to try new things, he constantly encourages his team to challenge conventional communication methods. He is now leading the strategy behind the new Eni TV channel, probably the first digital broadcast platform of its kind in Italy. Eni TV covers major energy issues and enhances the company's culture by making Eni employees the protagonists of the program.

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Connecting the Interests of the Public

Narrative techniques are useless, however, if the story does not resonate with the intended audience. To make sure that Eni's stories are the right thing for them, Corrado and his team analyzed the audience data to define the strategy, style guide and key keywords.

These data sources include:

Social Networks: By analyzing conversations on social networks, the team has become more aware of the public's interests and the topics that interest them the most.
Google Trends and other research . Constant monitoring of energy-related topics on Google Trends, combined with online secondary research and identified topics on social media, has allowed the team to pioneer new topics. Predictive analytics helps them anticipate future trends.
Influencers and opinion leaders. The analysis of how opinion leaders talk about energy issues (and the issues they focus on the most) helps the team learn to connect with these influential people and authoritative.


Firing on all cylinders of content

With their audience at the heart of all their content ideas, Eniday's original stories focus less on the technical aspects of sustainable energy than on the emotional reactions these stories create.

And it seems to work. Over the past year, Eniday's content performance has been on an upward trend, including:

An increase in returning visitors
Depth of scrolling of the page (75% on average)
Pages viewed per visit (30% last year)
Time spent (up to 3.45 minutes from 1.30 minutes)
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The site also promotes internal relations. The authentic stories created by the Eniday team and featuring Eni employees foster a strong internal brand culture that reminds employees of their importance, as well as the values ​​and goals that they share with them. the society.

Corrado also produces a video strategy to promote the Eni Award for Excellence in Energy (also called the Nobel Energy Prize). The program honors people who invent better uses of energy sources, encourage scientific research and innovation, and encourage a new generation of researchers.

And, most likely, Corrado and his team will generate all kinds of new stories about energy.

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