Hearts & Science Appoints Erin Matts, New CEO of Annalect, as New US CEO

Hearts & Science, the media agency led by data from Omnicom Media Group, immediately promoted Erin Matts to the position of American CEO.

replaces founder and former boss Scott Hagedorn, promoted last week as CEO of the largest Omnicom Media group in North America. He succeeded Page Thompson, who had retired after four decades in the holding company.

Matts is from Annalect, OMG's data and analytics division, where she was the CEO of North America. During her stay there, she led to a closer integration of data analysis in Omnicom's creative agencies, led an effort to increase the number of women in management positions and contributed to the development and launch of the Omni precision marketing platform.

"It's exciting to see this agency grow significantly, and I am delighted to be the person who helps it to usher in the next phase."

Erin Matts, US CEO, Hearts & Science

"As CEO of Annalect, Erin has been invaluable to Hearts & Science from the moment we opened our Three years ago, he supported every new business discourse and allowed us to ensure continuous innovation in data and analysis, "said Hagedorn in a statement." His broader experiences, which allow all customers OMG's offer of behavior-driven and data-driven marketing solutions is ideal for running an agency that carries the word "heart" and "science."

Matts is a 14-year veteran of the Omnicom Media group and in 2008 she became the first I was responsible for digital management of what was then OMD, then left the network for a few years to discover the customer side of the business, including please, digital marketing manager at Glam Media and global director of digital connections. at Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Matts returned to Omnicom in 2013 to become the Annalect Marketing Director and became CEO of North America when Hagedorn left Hearts & Science in 2016.

In a recent interview with Adweek, Matts remembered the date she joined Annalect for the first time and Hagedorn told her, "You know what essential role you will play in translating . Take all the sciences, all the maths, and translate them into something human. Now, she wants to focus on the "heart" of the business using analytics to help creative, strategists and communications planning teams apply this approach more to the art. narration. Her role will be to find the "right balance" between the two, she added: creativity and the calculations that support it.

"Scott is the last visionary for me," said Matts. "He is still five years old, ten years and five minutes early on the conversation you have with him."

In the three years since its founding, Hearts & Science has expanded to 25 offices in 13 countries, including five locations in the United States alone. He has won major accounts in the media, including AT & T, Procter & Gamble and the conglomerate WarnerMedia.

"It's exciting to see this agency grow significantly," Matts said. "I am delighted to be the person who will help him get into [the next phase]."

Parallel to strengthening the agency's capabilities and expertise, Matts added that she would focus on increasing efforts in diversity and diversity. 39; inclusion. did to Annalect. There, she began a series of fireside discussions where women were encouraged to talk about their experiences in the area, good and bad.

"We have just heard women come in and out of our organization," she said. "It was so important to hear their stories. This bubbled the positivity within the organization. I definitely want to bring this to Hearts & Science. "

With regard to the opportunity to join the world of media agencies at a time when his experience in data and analysis is critical, Matts is said to be ready to "make it come" – dirty hands to give real results. "

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