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ConsumerAffairs offers purchase guides for all areas, from mattresses to home warranties. But they also direct consumers towards the purchase of hearing aids, dentures, diabetic supplies and even lasik surgery. Many have questioned the legitimacy of ConsumerAffairs' buying guides, largely because reputable brands often have financial relationships with the organization. ConsumerAffairs' health-related content has been released in the post-medical world, but it now appears that they have found a way around the algorithm update by hosting slightly modified versions of their guides. purchase on local news sites across the country. Google "Hearing aids in Phoenix" and you will discover how this strategy works. Local affiliate ABC, ABC15, hosts all ConsumerAffairs buying guides, including those in the health category, in their new "magazines" subdomain. Until now, I've counted nearly 100 of these ConsumerAffairs content mirrors. Despite the crackdown on low-level medical advice and subdomain leasing, Google seems to miss this huge hack of their ranking algorithm.

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Abram Bailey, AuD is an audiology doctor and founder of, the leading independent resource for savvy consumers of hearing aids.

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