Google has removed 2.3 billion malicious ads and 1 million ad accounts in 2018

Google recorded 2.3 billion ads banned in 2018, according to its annual report on the measures taken to remedy violations of the rules of its advertising platforms.

That's about a million fewer ads than in 2016. However, the advertising giant said the number of advertisers' accounts closed the year last had almost doubled from the previous year, rising to almost one million.

Targeted sectors for cleaning. For-profit surety services, addiction treatment services, third-party technical support, cash resellers, cryptocurrencies, and certain local services such as garage door repairs are at the top of the list of sectors on which Google has concentrated in 2018.

Effective July 2018, it banned bail advertising and restricted the distribution of advertisements for drug treatment services to those certified by LegitScript (after suspending them in 2017). Thirty-one new policies were put in place to address the abuses of the other industries listed.

In terms of publishers. Some 734,000 publishers and app developers have been removed from its ad network and ads have been removed from nearly 1.5 million apps, Google added.

In 2017, Google added the ability to identify and remove ads from some web pages that do not adhere to the publisher's rules, rather than removing ads from other users. an entire site. With this technology, coupled with manual reviews, the company said it removed ads of over 27 million pages that violated its policies last year.

The dissemination and monetization of false information and false information has been at the center of concerns of the platforms. – and lawmakers – for more than two years now. Google added new rules in 2017 and highlighted its efforts in this year's report, noting that it had removed ads running on about 1.2 million pages, 22,000 apps and 15,000 sites for violation of rules relating to deceptive, hateful or substandard content.

Google also launched the US Election Announcement Policy in preparation for mid-term elections last year and created a report on transparency of political ads to provide more information about the buyers of election announcements. He said he had verified nearly 143,000 election announcements in the United States

Why You Should Care. Bad actors have an impact on all aspects of the digital ecosystem. For good advertisers, they can affect campaign performance and brand security. Many advertisers on YouTube say the company still has work to do to control its own backyard. As the dominant leader in digital advertising, Google is primarily responsible for selecting the types of online advertising.

He also regularly updates his advertising rules, which sometimes make it possible to catch up with good actors. On Thursday, Google announced the launch of a new rule manager to help advertisers cope with policy decisions and restrictions on their accounts.

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