Google does not pass the PageRank on nofollow links. Here's why you still see them in the CGC

Despite posting nofollow links in the search console, Google does not transfer the PageRank to these links, explains the trend analyst for the John Mueller webmasters in the Aug. 15 edition of #AskGoogleWebmasters.


The question. "Does Google count nofollow links as backlinks? I see these links in the link report in the GSC that I know for sure that they are no longer being tracked, "@adriansanityy asked via Twitter.

The answer. As mentioned above, they do not pass the PageRank ranking, even if you see them in your GSC link report.

"However, it's still a link on the web, and users can use those links to reach yours," Mueller concludes, "And so, in Search Console, we have decided to post them as links to other links pointing to your site. Likewise, if you used the link disavowal tool, these links would no longer contain any signal, but would continue to appear in the link report in the search console. "

Why we should care. A misunderstanding of the nature of the links that appear in your GSC link report may lead to a biased interpretation of your PageRank, which may also lead to an inaccurate assessment of your site's overall referencing.

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