Google Abbreviated Names and the Case of Endangered Journals

Late last month, Google introduced a number of new GMB features, including a URL / short name for businesses. However, last week, SEOs began to notice that adding short names to GMB profiles of their customers resulted in the disappearance of comments or the suspension of lists.

It's apparently two separate problems, according to Google. Two different problems unfolding in an unpredictable way. Missing comments and listing suspensions did not occur systematically but often enough to impact many local SEOs. Here is a representative example:

Local PSA for referencing:

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Joe Shortblame is intended to provide a short URL that can be promoted anywhere thereafter the GMB profile when searching on Google Maps or Google. Since its first appearance last week, Google has been aware of the problem of SEO and the disappearance of notices.

Resolution coming soon. Google provided us with the following statement about what was happening:

Recent concerns about the visibility of certain business listings are being corrected. The business listings were not suspended, but were not shown visible due to a technical problem. Business owners who have encountered problems should be able to see their listings in Search soon. Some users may have noticed an improvement in the situation with the deletion of their short name, but the problem was not directly related to the short name function.

Apparently, the problem of the disappearance of the notices is not technically identical to the one that is missing. registration bug. Both problems are being developed. Google has not specified the resolution schedule for these issues (beyond "soon"), but has assured us that they are being solved.

Why we should care. Google shortnames is a very useful marketing and branding tool for local businesses and a convenient way for consumers to quickly search for specific businesses. It is unfortunate that the launch was difficult, but it is expected that the problem will be solved and marketers can continue to add short names to the GMB profiles of their customers.

] Greg Sterling is a collaborative editor at Search Engine Land. He researches and writes on the links between digital commerce and offline commerce. He is also Vice President of Strategy and Knowledge for the Local Search Association. Follow him on Twitter or find him on Google +.

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