Facebook ads being no longer what they were, so it's time to buy better social ads

SEATTLE – Advertisements Facebook were once a home for a similar audience to a look-alike and a bottom of the world Funnel conversion actions, it's now a cluttered space that allows for blindness of ads and the apathy of brands at the fundamental level.

This is the opinion of Susan Wenograd, Account Manager at Aimclear, who hosted a session on social ad optimization at SMX Advanced last week.

What's going on?

To start, a supersaturation of ads being broadcast to the same users means that public doubles are no longer as effective as they were before. Add to this an excessive reliance on conversion campaigns and the elimination of third-party targeting on Facebook, and you get an ecosystem in which brands are more focused on the number of prospects than on the sustainable growth of their brands. brands.

can not get out of a paper bag of a strategy that will fail, as they should have been a long time ago, "Wenograd said. In a flooded social context, the most successful brands will be those that incorporate robust pay strategies and prioritize high quality creation.

Change the goal of the campaign

If brands want to thrive in the years to come wave of social advertising, she added, then we (as specialists marketing) must return to our roots and look at conversion actions as a single element of the whole situation. By shifting the initial focus of the campaign from CPA (conversions) to CPM (impressions), marketers can lay the groundwork for a more engaged qualified audience pool, with more advertising spend. effective.

Once qualified prospects begin to interact with a brand awareness campaign, advertisers can then use this rich data for retargeting. Creating remarketing pools is an essential part of lead conversion, and a necessary business for social advertisers who want to stand out.

"Brands and agencies that are able to measure and understand the triggers of brand promotion will gain some of the costly media arenas," said Wenograd.

Returning to # With engagement campaigns, brands should also leverage multi-channel data to maximize targeting opportunities. "Implementing markup structures and UTM settings across all digital media can provide advertisers simplified access to segmentation data tested

Creation in the Center

Of course, all of this means nothing without a convincing creation to safeguard it Our fast-changing social footprint means that the public expects high quality visual resources, optimized for the format, screen or platform on which it is viewed. concluded Wenograd during its session, "Brands and agencies that can not function or stay creative will not survive in the Facebook and Instagram landscape."

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