Do you want to improve your marketing operations? Make each member of the team a coach

Marketing operations are the driving force behind the implementation and processes of a company's marketing technologies. To successfully manage complex marketing operations, it takes a competent, agile and technology-savvy team, hard to implement and maintain in the constantly changing martech space.

"There are so many different systems and processes going on at the same time. It's easy to repair critical things or let the systems go unnoticed, "said Kimi Corrigan, Marketing Operations Manager for Duo Security at Cisco," No ambiguity is left around responsibilities or communications in this feature. .

Corrigan says that she wants her team to always feel mistress of her job while knowing that she can count on her full support when needed. For his marketing operations team to run at full speed, Corrigan is focusing its management style on coaching and management.

Next month, Corrigan will explain how she led Duo's marketing operations team during her "How to Organize and Coach Outstanding Marketing Operations Teams" at our MarTech conference in Boston. Prior to her session, Corrigan explained her management style, how she directed new employees, and why absolute franchise is a must.

Make each a coach

"The marketing operations teams are responsible for a single and vast set of responsibilities. My team members have such a wide range of skills that they have to apply in many different ways, "said Corrigan," Continuously supporting teams along the way in this broad range of projects and interactions. " to give good results rather than just manage. in a traditional sense. "

Corrigan assures that all members of his team share the responsibilities of coach.

" I work to coach every member of my team regarding their responsibilities and their skills, and encourage each of them to train our team members whenever they have the opportunity.

In addition to coaching other members of the marketing operations team, his staff is also encouraged to coach others with whom he can work on cross-functional projects.

"The more we all learn, the more we all win.When we know that this state of mind of coaching is in practice, these interactions do not pretend to tell others what to do, but let me help you and help me too. "

Complete Integration for New Employees

As part of its coaching methodology, all members of Corrigan's team are involved in the process of integrating new employees.

"Our team uses a 12-week integration process with specific systems, tasks, and systems. goals set from week to week. When we have a new team member, we clone our integration model and take the time to customize it based on the specific role and experience. "

New staff members are introduced to different systems and meet new challenges. It is also necessary to take initiatives and schedule time with employees, both within marketing operations and external teams.

"From the beginning, I felt that it is important that new team members take charge of their daily tasks." And contributions to the organization, "said Corrigan.

To lead with a radical candor

For Corrigan, to succeed to manage a team is to be able to give and receive honest comments.

"A radical franchise can sometimes to be difficult to offer, but the more you practice it, the safer it becomes, "said Corrigan," The first time you share this comment, you may see fear or be on the defensive. s explain to them why they receive the information – what you and their teammates are going to do to help solve this problem – and what are the expectations – you will see them begin to welcome open and honest conversations in both directions. "

She stated that she practiced this code of honesty with her team and also encouraged her to do so – both with her and with her staff.

"Define the expectations of their team and their work. a safe place to try, fail, succeed, try again, share and celebrate. "

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