Deploying Maps on Search Results on the Google News Desktop

Google is rolling out a new design of Google News search results on its desktop. The new design removes groups of news stories and brings you a single story featured in a map-like result.

What does it look like? Here is a screenshot of the front and the after. On the left side you can see the new drawing resembling a map, while on the right side you can see the results of the old cluster for Google News search results.

Deployment. This new user interface is being deployed. I saw this last night and posted on it on Twitter. But more and more researchers are discovering this new design. Google confirmed Thursday morning in the afternoon that its search engine was deployed.

Why does this matter to us? As you can see, the new design presents only one report and does not present any alternative source from other publishers. This may cause some Google News publishers to see a drop in traffic on Google News, while others may see their traffic increase sharply. All clicks will be generated by the features and the only story on the map, whereas before, Google showed many shared stories in the distribution of clicks of the newsgroup.

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