Commemorated accounts for deceased Facebook users receive a separate tributes section

Facebook adds a new Tributes section for memorized accounts for deceased users, which is separate from the calendar of these accounts.

Since February 2014, Facebook has left the privacy settings of stored accounts unchanged from those of deceased users.

And in February 2015, the social network introduced traditional contacts, allowing people to choose friends or family members to manage their memorized accounts. after their death.

Inherited contacts can handle tasks such as writing messages that will be pinned to the top of stored timelines, responding to friend requests, and updating profile photos and images. coverage, but they can not log in to accounts. , read private messages, add or delete friends.

Facebook said in a help center message that the new Tribute section will contain all messages posted to accounts after they are stored, and legacy contacts will have more control over this section.

For example, legacy contacts may decide who is allowed to post, delete messages, determine who can see which messages the deceased user is tagged or removes tags.

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