CampSaver wins the Email Hero Award for the best campaign of reconquest

Win the Email Hero Award for the best campaign to win back the market this week, we present CampSaver ! ]

Winback campaigns provide an ideal opportunity to remind inactive subscribers of the benefits of an email program and, hopefully, re-engage subscribers. CampSaver has sent its inactive subscribers a discounted offer, highlighting the best brands they sell, as well as individual CTAs for the top-selling categories, allowing them to easily benefit from the discount offered by the brand or customers. items that mattered most to them.

To understand the content of this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Katherine Pachowicz, Junior Specialist, CampSaver Promotions.

What were the goals of this campaign?
The purpose of this email was to re-engage email subscribers who have not made any purchases over the last year. We offered these customers a 20% discount on orders of $ 50 or more and featured our top selling categories and brands.

Have you encountered any significant difficulties along the way?
This email was cut almost entirely as images that could have resulted in a lower inbox placement rate. Since we've been working with Return Path, we've incorporated more HTML text into emails to improve our deliverability.

What were the results of your campaign?
This e-mail is very well behaved. It displayed an open rate of 14%, while the other winback emails we send usually have an open rate of about 11. The subject line mentioned that it was a good business. there was a 20% discount coupon inside to increase subscribers' interest for email. The clickthrough rate of this email was 4%, with similar winback emails having a clickthrough rate of about 1.6%. We believe that the minimalist design has quickly attracted the attention of subscribers and direct them to the website. The conversion rate was also above average at 6%. Generally, coupons are offered on our in-store items and exclude goods at full price. We were able to increase the conversion rate by offering a coupon for products that are rarely subject to a discount.

How did you get these results?
The key impact of Return Path on our messaging program has helped us improve our rate limits – the proper means of communication with our largest mailbox providers.

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