BriteVerify New Feature: An Introduction to Checking Phone Numbers and Addresses

Today we are announcing exciting new features for our real-time email validation solution, BriteVerify . physical postal addresses and the ability to check millions of records in bulk.

The cost of bad data is incredibly high. US companies lose more than $ 3 trillion every year because of poor data quality, according to IBM. Even the US Postal Service spends about $ 1.5 billion or more each year processing undeliverable mail because of the quality of the data. That's why we are excited to expand our verification capabilities beyond email to phone numbers and physical mailing address to the BriteVerify validation platform. These powerful new services expand and enhance your ability to prevent errors and improve data trust.

With the improved BriteVerify solution, marketers are able to:

Creating a Better Customer Experience from Data Collection
Contact your customers with confidence by e-mail, post and / or phone before wasting valuable time and money on marketing campaigns
Reduce the long-term costs associated with undeliverable e-mail and undeliverable mail and phone numbers
Easily integrate existing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, as well as administration tools such as DemandTools.

Of course, the best place to fix data quality issues is preferably in real time and before they are added to your database. Our customers are currently getting great results with our industry-leading real-time email validation. And now, you can rest easy knowing we're checking more to make sure your mailing addresses and phone entries are accurate and validated in real time. We now have the choice of three APIs in real time: our messaging API, our API for checking email, phone and addresses and the bulk check API. More information about them here .

"Real-time email validation allowed us to eliminate poor quality emails without adding any extra step to the user experience. Problems with unknown users seem to be a thing of the past since our rates went from 3% to 0.02%. "- – Senior Vice President, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Make sure you have a valid email address, an existing physical address and a phone number for a real person. This leads to a smooth customer experience and reduced business costs. Do you want to use our new APIs? Contact us !

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