Bing displaying a simplified recipe carousel in search results

Bing seems to test or introduce a new way to display rich results on his desktop. For queries that may relate to recipes, Bing displays a carousel that initially contains only three recipes. It allows users to filter results based on total time and other nutritional criteria, but does not immediately indicate the recipe comparison option.

Bing's simplified recipe carousel featured at the top of this research result. Results page of the same query, which displays a snippet of code selected under the results of the ad. (Note that Bing also sometimes shows ads over the recipe carousel.)

Google displays a selected clip for the same query.

We still see examples of Bing's recipe processing of a page width carousel allowing users to select and compare recipes directly from the results page.

With the new carousel, the comparison option is available after a user has selected one or more of the filters. Bing recipe comparison pages contain items such as ranking, total time, nutrition, and yield (portions), all of which are properties of the recipe schema.

Why we should care. The Bing UX recipe is an area in which it stands out from Google. Providing all relevant details and adding structured data can increase the chances that search engines will display your content as a rewarding result. It can also allow users to filter rich results to locate your content.

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