Best tweets from #SEMrushchat: Live Site Audit

This week's #SEMrushchat was a live audit of the site. Our guest, Andy Drinkwater, and our community answered questions about Below, I have detailed the ideas, recommendations and conversations held during the chat.

When reading, do not forget that everyone looks at this website from a different angle. Some considered it from the point of view of SEO, others were considering marketing and content strategies, and others were looking at the site from the customer's point of view.

Although we may not all agree on each other's points of view, there is always something to learn from the way others see things. That being said, if you feel that a point raised is wrong, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Q1. After the first look, what is the thing you would change on

Andy Drinkwater – "Visually, the design of the site is not so bad, so I started by looking at the structure of the site and saw many redirection chains via internal links. than linking old pages, cut the redirect and create a direct link to the new page.The benefits of this operation are multiple and this site is not huge, so a project to correct this situation would be relatively simple footer.

There are always improvements that can be made visually, and with more time, these can be corrected. Many #SEO problems will be solved by then. "

Adam Reaney – "The menu structure does not include links to the service pages You need to click more than 3 times to access a service description page Easily resolved with a menu drop down menu that will greatly enhance UX. "

Sarah Marks – "The copy needs to be reworked, I understand what they are proposing, but how will it solve my problems? Not written for the target audience!"

Brad Longman – "A personal opinion, but the stored" image "immediately puts me out of websites; I would change for something more personal."

– Brad's opinion had the most taste in Q1. As marketers, we sometimes think that non-marketers will not notice stock images, but they do.

Ben Austin – "The speed performance of the site is low, which can have a negative impact on the ranking of sites as well as on several technical problems present."

Q2. In the past month, Signal Boosters lost position for 7 of the top 10 SERP results. What are the possible reasons for this?

Andy Drinkwater – "There are a number of possibilities, something has changed recently on the site or pages that may be causing it, or else start looking at the external signals. can not expect a recent algo update to affect the site. "Google is constantly changing the way it assigns a score to sites and items.

But I would correct the speed of the site. With a loading time of almost 9 seconds, this can affect many different areas. Look for warnings, manual actions, or coverage issues in the Google Search Console because they are not always obvious unless you search for them. Less likely is that someone performs a negative SEO, but I have not seen any obvious signs of it – not to say that this is not a possibility. "

BaerPM – "There is a lot to consider when losing keywords – how is competition better – do you have up-to-date, responsive and authoritative information about the keyword? Get it by showing that you are better and try to use other similar long tail keywords. "

Markitects, Inc. . – "The decline of the position could be explained by many reasons, including changes to the site or concerning MetroPCS, or changes to the Google algorithm." All these keywords about MetroPCS I'm not sure about the prevalence of this keyword copy of the site. "

Alexis Katherine – "Lost classifications usually mean that the content no longer meets the needs of users, all of which are closely related, so they have to compare their best content on the subject with what works. Example: This is Signal Boosters' top-performing page for the biggest keyword in this group, and the content on this page is very limited. "

David Rosam " Write quality content about subway machine products, rather than the presentation text that can be borrowed elsewhere."

Chronos Agency – "I think they lack content that their competitors probably have."

Q3. Here is the list of referent domains of lost signal amplifiers. Which data in this report would you use to choose the areas in which it would be good to receive backlinks?

Andy Drinkwater "Personally, I would not start with the data, I would look at each site to determine if a link from there is useful. is too easy to consult data to make a decision, but site correlation is very important.

Ben Austin – "Authority Score & IP – If there are multiple sites on the same IP address, this could indicate that it is d & # 39; A PBN We also recommend that you undertake further research to determine their relevance, traffic and other measures of authority, etc. "

Jessica Levenson – "Well, I see a ton of weak authority, unrelated domains with this list that will tell me that I do not want to worry about these links." instead, cast my competitor's profile, find the hole, and target those sites. "

Marianne Sweeny – "In my humble opinion, acquiring links is a last resort if you have a lot of money and free time to spend, it's better to focus on internal links to strengthen Contextual relationships and content generation meeting the needs of customers at every part of the funnel. "

David Rosam "Honestly, I would not go out to try to create links, I would write fantastic content and publish it."

Q4. On this list of problems found by SEMrush Site Audit, what do you suggest that they solve first? Why?

Andy Drinkwater – "For me, broken internal links because these lead to a loss of user experience and the loss of the benefits of an internal link. could be a quick fix that will not have any inconvenience. Other problems addressing, but are minimal by comparison. "

Dean Brady – "Ouch, I think I heard something in my brain, broken links, but also 400 redirects?" The site is not that big, a lot of broken links are of poor quality. "

Jessica Levenson " All of which affects Google's ability to crawl the site.So they can not explore it, the Users will not find you directly, so is it? Then JS problems, errors, broken links. Content corrections will not matter if the content can not be found / seen. "

David Cohen – "Probably start by fixing the problems related to JavaScript, especially if they interfere with the exploration and indexing of the site. correcting speeds up the site because it is terribly slow for a company with a "booster" on their behalf and their speed being part of the commercial offer ".

Nerissa Marbury – "Since there are a lot of products on this site, the missing ALT attributes need to be corrected and could lead to a significant improvement in SEO. This will help the robots." to better "read the site to find what they need.Repair also broken internal links."

Shawn Cohen "Start with the fastest errors first: correcting four 4xx pages could be faster than repairing 72 broken internal links." Same mistakes w / 8 in the XML sitemap – if this 39; is an easy solution, do it after identifying the value of 4xx pages. "

Q5 What did you particularly like about the Signal Boosters website and how can they use it more?

Andy Drinkwater – "They have a decent store for consumer products, so create key hub pages rather than menu links to filter pages." Create optimized topic hubs for the ranking in Google I also remove the pagination on all pages and opt instead for a load on the scrolls.The users prefer to scroll the content rather than click on it.If the sale of consumer products is very important for them they also have to do more on the web, and you do not even realize it's there right now.

Kat Hammoud – "I like the header / frozen navigation, logos / icons / mark and the CTA logo" bright pink "that follows the pattern. the user, no matter what page it is displayed on. Always make it easy for your customers to contact you! "

Markitects, Inc. . – "I like the fact that Signal Boosters explains a little what he does under his hero." Although simple and concise, many other companies forget to explain who they are. are and what they do. "

BearPM – "They have incredible testimonials and case studies! These should definitely be emphasized more on the site and on social media, not on a hidden page or in a divided and confused scrolling on the front page. "

Judicial Analysis of Lead – "The store is good, I did not know that it was there, a good use of the image to enhance the summary of the activity, could give this new content and new information. "

Brad Longman – "I liked their section on homes and vehicles, but it's so hard to spot! I would also put their testimonials more prominently to improve user confidence and their white papers. "

Many thanks to those who share their expertise

Live site audits can be scary for those who share their website, but our community was honest, kind and sharing wisdom that owners can use. We thank you for all the information you have proposed. Every week we watch SEMrushchats for tweets that offer expert-level information.

Do not miss SEMrushchat for this week, which will take place on Wednesday, July 24 at 11 am (ET) / 3 pm GMT; the subject will be: How to diversify your content with a limited budget. We will have two special guests, Kelly Hungerford and Mack Collier.

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