Best American Cities for Professional Women

Although the Equal Pay Act was passed in the early 1960s, women are fighting in 2019 to earn the same salary as their male counterparts.

The wage gap continues to result in a lower overall median wage for women compared to men in the same occupation. Science and mathematics-based industries continue to be dominated by men, with women constituting a remarkably low percentage of the workforce.

Our team wanted to know which cities were the best locations for women professionals based on income, work force and salary gap. According to census and labor force census returns, here is what we found.

Highest paid jobs for women, by average wage

The professions with the highest annual salary for women cover a wide range of sectors, including business, health, engineering and technology.

The highest average salary for women goes to general managers, but even that average does not break six figures, and according to Payscale, the average salary of general managers is generally about $ 159,000 a year.

The size of industry in the United States, disaggregated by sex

Depending on the sector of activity in which you work, women can sometimes make up the majority of the workforce. In fact, in the fields of education, public service and health, they represent a much larger percentage of the labor force than men.

Surprisingly, they also have a slight advantage in the legal profession and the business world.

However, for jobs in the fields of computer science, engineering, mathematics, and science, which account for more than one-third of the highest-paying jobs for women, less than $ 50,000. one worker in three is a woman on average.

Best Worker Cities for Women Based on the Lowest Wage Gap

The pay gap is clearly evident according to the United States Census. On average earnings, men earned on average 22% more each year than women. The pay gap varies from 12% to 38% in Sacramento and Atlanta.

Cities with the highest percentage of working women, by industry

If you are planning to start in one of these areas, the following cities are job search sites. In most cases, women make up the majority of the workforce in these industries in their major cities. Detroit has the highest percentage of women working in the fields of computer science, engineering, mathematics and science. Although the percentage remains less than half, it is much closer to a half-and-half share than most other cities.

Percentage of women by activity branch

If you're wondering how your city compares to the rest of the fifty largest American metropolises, you can see what percentage of the workforce in this sector is made up of women in the graph above.

Professional women continue to break the glass ceilings and storm the world. We are proud to have incredible women as colleagues and clients, and we like to see them succeed.

Our team of technology specialists and creative experts continue to support women in their marketing plans, whether they're brand managers looking to create the perfect email series for their customers or the entrepreneur conquering markets.

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