ANA Announces the Creation of a New Measurement Division Enabling Industry Standards and Accountability

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Launches Measurement for Marketers (MFM), a new division aimed at leveling the measuring ground in advertising space. The announcement was made this week by ANA General Manager, Bob Liodice, at the 2018 ANA Data & Measurement Conference.

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and safety initiatives, ANA took a natural step to support it by striving to keep measurement standards under control. For advertisers and marketers, this decision could pave the way for a base of approved metrics standards with resources to create a cleaner ad ecosystem.

According to Liodice, the new division was created to foster the cohesion between the measurement standards of the advertisement and empower the industry by providing ANA members with products and services focused on measurement. In addition, it aims to place marketers at the center, providing resources to make informed decisions, while marketers and advertisers manage digital growth strategies.

"This extremely ambitious and historic ANA action puts the marketing agenda at the center of industry's measurement center," said Liodice. "In the past, ANA and its members relied heavily on joint trade association initiatives, as well as on media agencies and vendors to carry out the measurement program, but the missing piece was the lack of resources dedicated to the program. 'ANA to support initiatives.As a result, the voice of the announcer was incoherent.'

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According to ANA, the Measurement Division for Marketers will work closely on global initiatives with the World Federation of Advertisers and the US Media Rating Council. While the agenda and vision are still under development, the ANA said the unit should be fully operational by January 2020.

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