All that our paid team learned from trying to implement a Reddit advertising strategy

With 69,000 subscribers and a ranking among the ten most popular sites on the Internet, Reddit is unquestionably a string intriguing for advertising.

However, the site can often seem intimidating, and perhaps even too random to create a consistent advertising strategy. In addition, as its main goal is to expose viewers to the trend content of the moment, Reddit users are notoriously anti-marketing.

Whatever its challenges, its potential benefits have proven to be too good an opportunity to pass. At HubSpot, we decided to implement a strategy to determine for ourselves whether Reddit could serve as a promising channel for the future.

Learn what our team understands about Reddit advertising and whether it's worth the effort for your own business.

The strategy of advertising reddit

1. Identify subreddit topics that best fit your target audience.

To study the benefits of advertising on Reddit, I first spoke to Josh Chang, Senior Marketing Director at HubSpot. He said that HubSpot's initial strategy on Reddit included highly targeted campaigns on specific subreddits, including r / contractor and r / sales.

"The purpose of the campaign," he explained, "was to generate brand awareness and conversion of our products." In terms of results, we found a cost per acquisition similar to what we achieved on Facebook in America. of the North, although we have found a lower activation rate of Reddit, suggesting conversions of lower quality. "

If you want to test a campaign for yourself, start by identifying subreddits that can help create real links between your brand and your ideal audience. Examine the topics that most interest your target audience and make a list. Then narrow down your list by looking for the number of subscribers for each sub-bed subject, whether it is relatively active or not, and whether house-sharing or content-sharing is allowed on the subject of subreddit.

Chang tells me, "One of the main things we learned was that the specific targeting of subreddits was much more effective than the broader targeting of interests, but it requires a lot of research and knowledge about subreddits most relevant to your audience. "

In addition, Mr. Chang said, "We found that tailoring our creative for individual subtitles helped to improve our conversion rates."

2. Begin to engage with your communities subreddit.

Once you have made a list of subreddits that may interest your target audience, it's time to start talking to these communities of subreddit.

However, it is essential that you do not start by promoting your own content.

To establish a level of trust and genuine connection, start by voting up other submissions that you find interesting and that fit your brand well. Then share valuable content – but not yours. Instead, post interesting content from other media or blogs that you think will be useful for your multisite community.

It is essential that you really use the Reddit platform as an opportunity to know your target audience before offering your own content. Not only will this show your community that you are not simply joining the site for personal promotion, but it will also help you tailor your content more precisely in the future.

3. Start promoting your own content, whether paying or not, on subreddit platforms.

At this point you can consider simply publishing valuable content from your business that you think will benefit your community – for free.

However, you can also try to spend money on a paid sponsored message, which basically guarantees that your message will be pinned to the top of the subdirectory. Here is what a sponsored publication looks like, for context:

In many ways, this article looks like any other Reddit content. However, there is a blue tag "Promoted" at the top left, which means that it is a paid ad.

In HubSpot's case, we decided to test the power of paid advertising on the site. However, it is still essential that you follow the steps listed above to maintain genuine relationships with your communities of subreddit.

Think of it this way: if I start to come into contact with a brand belonging to one of the subreddit groups I've joined and notice that they usually post a useful content (including content from other publications), I am then much more likely to take note when they pay for a sponsored post. If they appear out of nowhere, I have no sense of brand and I probably will not trust the ad.

Cost of Reddit Advertising

At the present time, the minimum daily expense for an advertisement on Reddit is $ 5.

Reddit FAQ further states: "The Reddit Ads platform uses a system based on a second-price bidding system, which means that you pay a dime more than the second bidder. based on an auction, the risk is 20% excess deliveries when setting up an individual campaign. "

However, starting in January 2019, Reddit changed its pricing model from bidding to CPM (Cost Per Print) to CPC (Cost Per Click). The CPC model will likely facilitate tracking of brand conversion or traffic goals, and may result in price changes over time.

Announcement on Reddit: Worth it?

When I asked Chang if he felt that advertising on Reddit was a profitable investment, he gave a straightforward answer, acknowledging that HubSpot had temporarily halted his efforts on Reddit.

"We have seen some promising results," said Chang, "but as we were targeting specific subreddits, it was not a crazy volume that could really move the needle." , we have time to re-test Reddit to see if we can improve performance and scalability in the future. "

It is important to note that there have been successful examples: Findlay Hats, for example, has generated sales of $ 28,000 from a Reddit viral position.

However, most brands get better results simply by relying on Reddit for community engagement and brand awareness. Alex Berman discovered that one of his unsolicited free videos had been viewed 25,000 times at the top of a subreddit – but, when he put $ 250 behind his Reddit publications, he was n & # 39; 39, has acquired no track.

In the end, it's worth considering using Reddit as a content-sharing platform for the sake of utility and public engagement rather than a cost-effective advertising strategy.

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